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Unable to enter pub in Nar Shadda

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After Mira sees the octopus guy in place of you in that environment suit, you're supposed to follow the Master jedi into that pub with poisonous air, right? I seem to be unable to open the door to that pub. The door doesn't even highlight, there's no way I can open. Is this a known glitch?

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Which part of game are you in? Has your game gone past part on Nar Shaddaa where Atton has to fight the Twin Sun twi'leks? Specificity can be clearer.


Are you referring to part where Mira releases some poison fumes that makes Exile faints before trying to find Visquis in his cantina and that Jedi master Zez Kai-Ell leaves Exile before your character wakes up and also heads for the underground Jekk Jekk Tarr cantina?

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This is after Atton fights the Twin Suns, and rushes back to 'tell the others'.

It's at the part where you have to meet Visquis alone in the Jekk Tarr cantina. You proceed to the docks, but meet up with Mira.

She talks to you, poisons you, and proceeds to meet him alone.

Mira wears that environment suit, sees Visquis, has a little talk, then is electrocuted, and faints.

Zez Kai-Ell finds you slumped in Mira's cargo hold, talks to you about revenge and stuff. Then he says 'follow me- or lose both', which I suppose means he's going into the Jekk Tarr to rescue Mira.

I woke up, ran the the Jekk Tarr entrance, which is the door opposite Pylon 3, adjacent to Votta(sp?) the Hutt's residence.

Problem is, the door won't highlight. No blue circle with 'Door' shows, and I can't interact with the door. It's as if it's a wall.


Nar Shadaa is the first place I visited after Telos.

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