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random lockups


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I just installed this game a few hours ago and have load the auto saved game 3 times because my character gets hung up on things and can not get off no matter what I do.


The first time I was using the recovered droid to look in the starboard living quarters and the other 2 times it was after fights finished.


Does anyone know what is causing this or how it can be fixed.

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Occasionally you do get blocked when passing through

a door or like you said in combat, with the door one, just

move backwards (S on the keyboard if PC) that usually

fixes it, otherwise, try changing character or save/reload.


If in combat, and your charcter stops attacking, just move

(thus cancelling all actions) and then try attacking again,

usually helps.


As far as jumping around, WTF, I've never had that happen

so I can be as helpful as umbrella in a hurricane.



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My Exile was running up the ceiling in the Peragus room opposite to elevator where terminal for entering combination code is, and where you would find the breath mask for preventing poison status. Thats about only bug I had in one or two games.


There is another one, though. Whenever I tried to pick up items from sling bag near skeletal corpse around that same area, my character stays frozen in running forward position. Then, when I pressed Space, freeze was over. Looked like game was paused but without pause message.

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