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How have you build your character ?


I am playing a lightside Consolar / Jedi Master with Str 8 and everything else at 14.


Then I gave +2 to Wis (what a waste), +2 to Int (should have done that one first). Next thing will probably be +2 to Con for higher Implants.

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I'm surprised that this Thread hasn't had a reply yet. Anyway, I like my character to be a Jedi Consular/Jedi Master or Jedi Consular/Sith Lord, depending on whether I'm on the light side or the dark side, but mainly the light side. On the first KOTOR, I'm always a Scout/Consular.

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I usually go for str+con for a guardian, int+dex for sentinel

and wis+cha for consular as the best stats.


2nd best stats: wis+dex for guardian, str+con for sentinel

and str+con for consular


3rd best stats: dex+cha for guardian, wis+cha for sentinel

and int+dex for consular.


This seems appropriate to their roles. :brows:


Upgrades always go on best stats, or con for better implants.


But really you can go down any route you want, so long as you

play the game accordingly.



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Exile will usually have at least Str 16, Wis 18 for me. Including Dominator/sith power gauntlets. Sentinel/Jedi master seems ok for additional skills (+3 Wis and +3 Con for LS mastery with both)

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