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NWN2: Technical Challenges

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My problem:

After about 5-10 minutes of playtime, it starts with my companions not following me. So I issue the area command "Follow Me" and it works.
Then I can't talk to anyone. I click on them, they turn to look at me but no dialog whatsoever.
Then, I get some missing 2D textures in menus and windows.
Finally I get a freeze, then a CTD.

I'm getting exactly the same problem

Specs are as follows

AMD Sempron Processor LE-1250 2.20 GHz
Windows Vista 32 bit
NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (Driver version

It didn't start doing this until I started using the client extension, but it may be correlation and not causation. I'm running NWN2 Gold with Storm of Zehir installed on top of it, just recently updated to 1.23. Any help would be appreciated

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