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Playstation 3 ads make no sense.

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The question is how these particular ads deliver anything that sells a PS3, other than mystique.  They might make cents, but they don't make sense.


The ads aren't made to sell the product, they are to generate interest in it. They aren't made for people like you or me or probably anyone else on this forum, who have likely already made a decision on the systems they will buy.

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Xbox 260 had some abstract ads like that, but not THAT abstract. They had people dancing around and having fun in most of their ads.


I liked the 1st one, made me wonder. The second one just plain freaked me out and it didnt have a damn thing to do with the PS3 IMO >_< .

If money is the root of all evil.....why is the world not destroyed?

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Awesome 360 ad. Was banned though....annoying legal stuff.

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