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Telos Military Base

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I do not know if you're in the same spot/s, but there are some doors/areas in the game that cannot be accessed (without special mods) - they lead to areas cut/unfinished from the final game. I think the one you're seeing might be the one for the infamous Droid Factory tossed-out-plotline.

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Correct on that one; LadyCrimson.


There is also another unopenable door on that level; but that leads not to another level but a small room with... (dunno; never got there)




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From what I remember of the level, when you click the door you get:


"this door needs to be opened by a nearby terminal"


I assume that it was either supposed to open when you re-activate the

station's generator, or it was supposed to be opened by the HK-50 droid

that randomly explodes in the released version of the game, or you need

HK-47 to open the door, not sure which.


Will have to wait for TSL restoration to find out. :shifty: If it ever gets released.


(can't wait for the droid planet either... :'( )

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I ran up and down that base soooo many times when I first got to it and again when I replayed the game just to be sure I couldn't get in. I even used a cheat (force sight) to see inside.


Later I found out it was the droid factory and the game has no such area in the playable version.


I also used force sight on the warehouse in Nar Shadaa docks. There is nothing in there eather, just a space and 2 exits. I have not seen anything on that space in the in hte TSL project but hope there will be.

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