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Mr. Sawyer Owns Us All With NWN2!!!


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"xactly, he didn't name ONE, I did 3"


I don't recall ever saying I named one. All I said is I mentioned that there mods.




Come on, people. READ.


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I don't know. I tried A Hunt in the Dark, as well as at least twenty other fan-made mods, some widely acclaimed, some just dug up / stumbled over on my own; I could find some enjoyment here and there, but never could 'get into' it or often even finish the module. Yet I absolutely loved BG2's mods.


I think one of the things was that BG and other games often 'inject' quests and whatnot into the main campaign, and thus if they are conscientious about making their work 'fit' into the existing setting it ends up being pretty good, creative, but still polished and part of an immersive setting. NWN modules have to hold up the world on their own shoulders, and I often find the effort, however laudatory, somewhere flimsy or transparent - can't quite describe. But it never does feel like I can immerse myself as I can afford to do with even some official campaigns that I don't really appreciate afterwards (e.g. Jade Empire).


Although, the Elegia Eternum creator - that guy with the weird name - he came pretty close. Pity his modules were so short.

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Voice acting and characterisation are decidedly sub standard in OC. Most of the NPCs are annoying as hell, and half the time you just press on blindly in the dialouges, not listening, not caring, and checking your quest log for the details instead.

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Na na  na na  na na  ...

greg358 from Darksouls 3 PVP is a CHEATER.

That is all.


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