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How do I access blocked websites?


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Google translate is always good, type in:


www.google.com/translate?langpair=en|en&u=(address of site you want to go on)


You connect through google doing this so unless google is blocked your ok, sadly I can't claim credit for this idea, it was on some site.

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use a proxy search engine... i cant think of one off the top of my head but killergames.net used to have a really good one imbedded on their site. Its sole purpose was to go around the school's filter. But eventually you will get caught. But then again, we never did.......

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If you don't like what they block, get it unblocked. Get active, amigo. That's why student politics is there. Make those lardballs suckwinds in local 'power' actually do something. Besides pass asinine motions about famines on the other side of the world.

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Google free proxy!

Access restricted web sites using Google language tools service as a proxy.


Contributed by: bigthistle

[12/20/05 | Link to this hack]


A little tutorial found on the italian site www.manuali.net inspired me for this hack. That tutorial suggests to translate a webpage, using Google translator, to access it even if restricted.


It worked fine but something else was needed... why translate?!




Ok, let's start from the beginning. We all know that Google is more than a search engine; we do use it as provider for email, mapping, news and many other services. Google is now also a free proxy service. Proxy is a device that stands between a PC and the internet, providing all the connections to the world wide web. What a proxy does is to receive all data from a requested site, so when you access web pages all data come from proxy.


What's the purpose for Google as a proxy? We often use office/school/university connections, usually those services are set to provide more safety, blocking the access to undesidered web sites (the "black list"). What you can do now is use Google translator service (language tools) as a proxy to bypass the restrictions set for our connection!


You just need to type the following URL:



(www.forbiddensite.com stands for the URL you need to go to...)


What you'll get is the translation (english to english!) of the page you want to see... your connection is directed to a google.com page so this page won't be blocked (would be blocked only with google.com on the black list), no matter what's the content.


Notice that the URL has been a little hacked because the parameter "langpair"(1) is set to "en|en" (english/english) so the page is processed by Google but you can keep the original language of the page (no need to translate!). If you need another language (e.g. french) you just need to set the parameter langpair to "fr|fr" and you'll be able to read french pages in french!


A couple of examples:


english... http://www.google.com/translate?langpair=e...cks.oreilly.com


italian (my own homepage!)... http://www.google.com/translate?langpair=i....altervista.org


Last but not least: if you use this trick, you're not sure to protect your privacy, this kind of connection lets you see blacklisted pages but doesn't hide your IP address. Just go to http://www.google.com/translate?langpair=e....whatismyip.com to see your IP is not hidden...


That's all, bye.


Here's a list of Proxies:




I'll post more later...

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