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Powerful Crystals

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sorry most of the crystals come up in the random loot generator...lol...or whatever it is called...i do know that the pontite crystal is in the museum when you go back to onderon....as far as the rest its really up to luck...at least when i play through...one thing i do though...is when you are heading into the enclave on dantooine there is a lady there that sells jedi articfacts i think her name is darlaa...lol..someone will correct me if i am wrong and i save BEFORE i talk to her and reload if i dont see anything that i want....if there are specific locations for any of the crystals i dont know of them....hope that helps a little....oh and im sure many could tell you cheats or soemthing maybe to get them...i just play it through....

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There is always the "pet" crystal. The one that is attuned to you. I never feed it - joke form when you get it.


You pick it up in the cave on Dantooine. You can't miss it - Kriea stops you when you pick it up. You can save at different points in the game when you have a Dark/Light side shift and then have Kriea reattune it to you. If you like the stats cool, if not then load the save. It can get quite powerful.

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The pet crystal is a good one to have.


Nar Shaddaa and Dantoonie are places that you can find or buy good crystals as well.

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Keys to getting the best random crystals ... wait until you're higher level (above 20, at least) to visit:

- Crystal Caves (Dantooine)

- Shyrack Caves / Tomb (Korriban)

- Queen's Palace & Sith Tomb (Onderon)


Any one of those places can provide some of the better crystals in the game ... your other option is to cheat, but I've never completed a game without getting either the Barab Ore Ingot or Pontite Crystal (or both, or multiples of both).


Part of the random loot algorithm reduces the frequency of high-power crystals, if you already have your quota.

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For quite a few games, crystals which my character had were around 2-3 Kaiburr crystals, so life regeneration was hardly scarce at all, apart from that Wis bonuses are unstackable. Found one of them from Vogga's hoard on Nar Shaddaa in a plasteel container within his hoard, and another one on Onderon when heading towards the Queen's palace. There is also one Kaiburr crystal that is locked away in a certain part of palace, where character has to access and solve three numerical puzzles in order to enter room. Think container requires high Security skill before it can be opened. Room is quite near to where Kavar is, assuming PC is playing as LS and fighting against Vaklu.

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There are few guarantees in life. Crystal quality in KOTOR2 also holds true to the same regard.


The guaranteed places for a few really nice crystals:


Onderon (2nd time around): After finishing the battle, Talia or Vaklu (depending on who you helped) will give you a Pontite crystal. Very nice damage boost, increases charisma, and others. Alternatively, you can just loot the museum and get it instead.


Nar Shaada: After resolving the conflicts on Onderon and Dantooine, and if you've helped Geeda, she'll sell you a Upari crystal. 1-8 extra damage, +3 To Hit.


Iziz: Qixoni crystal available from Sakarie, if you have a spare open visa.


Everything else is purely by chance, although it is level-dependent.

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Also, I have the idea of going to Dantooine first, getting the Personal Crystal and leaving so I can start building it up early (I haven't tried it yet).


I have found that you can re-attune it every time you level up or your alignment changes, so it made sense to get it as soon as possible.


Am I wrong? Should I wait til I eventually get to Dantooine?

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