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Sith Assasin or Jedi watchman

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I was wondering which one can take combat better i want a prestige class that can go with my jedi sentinel that wont need stealth. I want a good class that can take the dmg from enemies pretty good with robes on.



The choice is largely dependant on alignment. Other than that, they are fairly equal. The assassin gets more sneak damage, and +6 to dex with sentnel base class which imrpoves defense and attack bonus, if you have weapon finesse. The watchmen gets more feats and a +6 bonus to con for more vitality.


IMHO, both classes are better suited to consulars who can really mmaximize the efficiency of all that sneak damage. A fighting sentinel would do better as a maurauder or weaponmaster. If you want to retain casting ability, just do consular as a base class, and raise wisdom to 14-16. That should be good enough.

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Marauder is good for what you want. You get lots of feats and you don't need stealth so it's a cross class skill. Even better than Sentinal is a Guardian/Marauder turned Weapon Master. That way you have the plus 6 strength bonus from rage and the 6 from Guardian and Weapon Master. That is if you can find a reason to turn to the Light Side.

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It's a bug in the game.


Whether or not you're only supposed to get +3, or if it is supposed to say +6, your attributes are improved by +6.


+3 for the main class, +3 for the prestige class.

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If you use Assassin, could utilise Sneak Attack X with Master Critical Strike for stun effect (high Str), or perhaps with Insanity (high Wis), following up with Power Attacks or Master Flurry. Neither of these need Stealth at all. A bit of damage reduction force powers are like Master Force Barrier/Master Energy Resistance.

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