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Funniest Line in the game!

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Bastila: You asked me if I thought things could have been different? I know they could have! If Revan had only listened to the Council, millions of innocent people would still be alive.

Carth: Yeah, right. And every single one of them would be speaking Mandalorian.


That's first KOTOR though. For KOTOR2, I'll have to go with "Always a pleasure, Vrook. I see you still have your cheery disposition" (which has already been mentioned).


Exile (to Handmaiden, in response to whether Jedi ever have relationships): I believe it's called "pulling a Bindo".


That one also made me laugh, although Bindo's story is not funny at all.

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I like the swoop guy on Onderon, his name is Vix.


Vix: You Swooper?! Swoop go zoom fasst go swoop!


Exile: Yes, swoop.


Vix: Vix love swoop! Vix watch every race, zoom swoop!


Exile: Okay Vix- I'm going to go stand over here now...



And from K1(w/ immense paraphrasing):


Jolee: So here's how I ended up Kashykk (sp?) ...


Revan: I don't have time for your stories J-


Jolee: Well, here goes anyway...blah blah blah (tells story)


Revan: I hate you, old man.

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