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Real Lightsabers?

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When someone makes the real lightsaber it would be understanding that who has the lightsaber need to possess proper skills.

even the greatest swordsman in the world still sweeps his leg every once in a while. I think about it. If you even TOUCH the blade you'll be sent to a hospital.. :ermm:

If money is the root of all evil.....why is the world not destroyed?

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I'm just gonna say this, Lightsabers could be defined as a form of plasma, Okay? So to make a lightsaber you would have to have the tech to, 1) Control the flow of plasma, 2) have some sort of way to make the plasma{though it is possible to use a magnectic field to contain air particles and use those, but in that case it wouldnt work in space :ermm: }, and 3) control the shape of the plasma. Oh and dont forget 4) a power supply strong enough to power the darn thing.


I do know how ever that you could say I "lightsaber"(in a sense) has already been made, however since i am to lazy to find the webpage i'll just type out what it was. Basiclly for this "lightsaber", if i remember correctly made a blade 10cm long (i could be wrong about the length of it), however it required a huge amount of energy plus the equipment that made the "blade" was also pretty big (I'm talking bigger than a car). But thats not the point it is possible just to make one to the SW universe standard is not possible with our current tech.

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This is what happens when you can't repair HK-47: [Failure] ...aahhhh! What are you doing?! Remove the arc wrench, remove the arc wrench! Medic!


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World is already screwed

How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.

- OverPowered Godzilla (OPG)



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This is a cool subject.


The basics if matter and energy:


All matter and energy in this universe is made up of the same thing. The difference between a rock and sun light is the amount of space between the particals that make it up.


There are also only three states that enermy or matter can be in: Flows, Despersals and Ridges.


A Flow is an orderly movement of energy no-matter the density. Like water moving thru a hose or light from the sun as it moves.


A Despersal is a disaorderly movement, often in all directions. An example is an explosion.


A Ridge is enegy that is "fixed" or stagnent. A rock is a rigde. Water is a ridge of lesser density. Even air is. A Ridge is formed when flows collide. Like two water hoses spraying into each other, the splater of water in the middle is a temporary ridge.


Matter is fedined as anything you can feel with your hand. Energy is everything elss.


A close examination of energy or matter will show that it is made up of particles that are moving like crazy. A pertical of water movies fast enouph to go around the planet -if forced into a strait line- in about 2 or 3 hours.


The amount of energy that is being cofined in four cubic feet of copper, if fully "despersed" could destroy this galaxy.


Despite this the distance between the particals of energy in a block of metal is so great that it would seem mathmaticly impossible for two blocks of metal to be able to collide - they should pass right thru each other. (It looks alot like the distance between the stars in the sky - there is alot of space).


Energy rays and Forcefields:


It is now well established that matter can be converted to energy -an example is an atomic bomb- and vise versa.


The head lights of a car need only have a small change made to the light to be able to produce enough force to be able to push a person off his feet. This is called a Presser Beam. If reversed by changing the side of the rays being removed it becomes a Tractor Beam right out of a Sci-fi movie!


Even the first comercal "ray gun" uses two plasma beams fired one next to the other forming a visable beam of light just like a movie ray gun! This gun was offered to police no long ago and worked by projecting a negative and positive beam next to each other that, when they ran into an object would desperse and collide into each other. One beam being negative and one being positive would produce an electrical flow in the middle. This gun has a range of 2 miles.


Even antigravity devices work on this basis. The worlds first antigravity machine was on display about 2 years ago at a NASA convention. It was able to remove 5% of the 75 bounds placed onto it. (It is a small, but hay, it is a big leap compared to nothing at all).


There are differen't types of forcefields. One type uses a stronge magnet. This same type has another version that compacts the magnetic waves into a flat "shield" that can have a definite phisical reation on almost any object that attempts to pass thru it. This type of shield has a "refesh rate" in ether millisecond or nanosecound range.


Another uses ultraviolate light "flatend" into a sheet, that produces an effect much like the the forcefields you see in Star Trek in side the ship! Even the "flash" effect when you touch it! Last I knew this type of shield was still unable to stop a person as the field was not stronge enough on the prototype but had proven that this technology was capable of it.


These types of Rays and Forcefields have the flow of energy and a ridge is formed when matter or energy attempts to move thru it or against it, causing a phisical wall "matter" to form due to the energy invalved "condensing" from "nothing" or a spray of light.



So what is possible is not limited to what you see, in use around you right this moment. New stuff is on the horizon. In the middle ages, the average person would not have believed that the technology of today was possible. But we would not be here today, as we are, if even a few of them didn't use there imagination.


The lightsaber is more than possible. And if you keep that in mind I expect to see you weilding one some day.


Thank you, JD

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