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Counsulor/sith lord charismatic strong believes in teachings and knowledge prefering to not allow himself to give into primitive arousals, seeking to understand the force and the teaching of Kreia and to use the force to gain influence and power.


He believes in structure and order and control...

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My Exile is Nancee Jade


Shes a hot sexy Lighsided 25 year old Jedi Consular. Her charisma is max teh uber because she can use death feild with -5 force penalty(meaning she gets 5 force poitns for doing it :lol:). I just started her about an hour ago and im alread up to Nar Shadaa, as my third planet ( I hate it with a passion). She llikes to have kinky hot "relatons" with Atton, and one time she got tipsy and got freaky with old crusty skin Bao-Dur. The Disiple is her bitch and worships the ground she walks on. She uses a single green light saber, and one time she stabbed Canderous for saying she had saggy ****. Shes not the bes LS Jedi but she tries. Shes all about having fun.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: Break glass to get hammer, use hammer to get rock, rock beats scissors, scissors cuts the yarn, cat plays with the yarn, use cat for protection.

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My first play was as lightside male Exile.

It was the dude with the beard, and since I'm cheap with names I called him Obi-Wan.

Two sabers, both blue cuz he was a Guardian.


Second game, darkside male.

The guy with the shaved head. His name was Shain Vaalo.

Double bladed saber, red. And had a ton of strong powers that would clear a room with one or two hits. He was powerful in the Force. Ultimate power!!! :sorcerer:


And now I'm starting again as lightside female. It's the girl with the blond hair with the little bun thingy.

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My first exile is: Urai Fenn, a male, 33, light skin welids a green double lightsaber, though ay first he had a two singles: one red/orange and a silver one, lightside and nearly a complete suck up to all of the crew of the Ebon Hawk. He was my first person. Oh and he was a jedi Senitent and weaponmaster. Also he didn't complete HK-47 and he loved pretty much all the woman and they loved him back espially Mira on the Ebon Hawk except Kreia(no supires). Actually hated Kreia.


My second exile was: Gaila Daragon, 24, female, a bit dark skin, welided a blue double lightsaber. She act the way any one what her to act so she was complete suck up this time. Mostly a gery force adept never specialize in class, but was a conlsouar. Complete HK-47, also she wanted to marry Atton too.

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my first exile was a true baddie and i called him revan just for kicks.


My favorite of my billion exiles were Raith, a jedi gaurdian/master, who turned to the darkside but did not become a sith, remaining a Dark Jedi Master for the rest of the game. This one was really fun, because the siith and jedi have codes but the dark jedi are free, unless they become pawns of the sith, but he destroyed the sith lords with his aggressive double bladed orange lightsaber. After ending the jedi at the rebuilt enclave, he defeated the sith and disappeared from the galaxy's knowledge. He chose not to follow revan because he only followed revan the first time because he believed it was what a true jedi should do.


another favorite was one where i abandoned the "exile" part (i know, its not cannon, but it was fun!) I started out as a lightside gaurdian, but instead of choosing to be a jedi i was a matukai. i got inspired by the robes in the game, looked them up, and built my character accordingly,therefore i used force body, speed, and other physically boosting powers, etc. It was really cool. I ended up as a lightside, near mastery jedi weaponmaster with Matukai adept robes, and a dbl blade viridian. I was very off the true story, though. i decided his backstory as that he had been trained by the echani for many years, discovered hs abilities, was denied apprenticeship because of his age, and joied the matukai


now im playing as a lightside oriented gray jedi, which is pretty seeet.




oh yeah, my blaster pc was really fun too, except it was the one time i didnt get my freedon nadd blasters, and it was the one time i wanted them.


and my only melee weapons jedi was fun too. I finished the game with every single single bladed weapon there was in the game and no lighsaber or guns at all.

The Exile's voice was stern

"Darth Nihilus, remove your mask"

The Sith Lord slowly raised his hands to his face. In utter shock, the Exile looked upon the face of.....

Jolee Bindo!!



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My 1st exile is lightside, named Darth Alexa Kun. I actually planned on playing dark side first so I appended "Darth" on her name. A Light skinned Jedi Guardian and Jedi Weaponmaster, wields a red lightsaber (with her own crystal) and freedon nadds short lightsaber on the other hand. Wears a dark jedi knight robe. She killed Atris even tough I was lightside. I hate her. XD

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1st exile.

i had a male light side character. His name was Zen-Tak Lo.

He wields two sabers, on normal viridian saber (with the Zen-Tak Lo crystal), and a short Viridian saber.

He wore Matukai adept robes as i liked the way they looked and my favourite colour is green.

I made my guy a complete softy getting full lightside points.

He was a Jedi Master.


2nd Exile.

my second exile was another ligthside jedi but female this time, called Breah Degana.

She also had Matukai robes (because i love them).

but she wields an Orange lightsaber, paired with a violet short saber.


3rd Exile.

My 3rd exile was kool.

A Sith called Holon Karr.

He would wear Sith master robes with a sith mask.

I did not give him lightsabers, he had some extremly done up Vibroswords (which actualy ended up better than most lightsabers), i thought the idea of a metal blade rather than a lightsaber cutting into flesh was much more evil.

He was a dark jedi master and

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My first exile was called Attra Stath (Darth Attra).

She had brown hair and had a single red lightsaber.

She liked to use Force Storm a lot and also loved choking the Disciple.


Trust me, we aren't going anywhere near the place unless we want to be washing the stink out of our clothes for the next few years.



Peace out and Apathy is Death!

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