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  1. 1. Favorite Counical Member

    • Lonna Vash
    • Master Vrook
    • Master Dorak
    • Vandar
    • Kavar

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Kavar was pretty nice. Vash was, too, but and I think she was actually sorry about the treatment the Exile received, but that was in the cut content and didn't make the final game. I don't know if the Restoration Project is doing much to restore her part, but it would be nice. :p

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Does Kreia or Zhar Lestin count?  ;)


Since they are not there in this poll, I'd have to vote for Lonna Vash. She seems to be a kind master, not a pessimist like Vrook :p


Kreia might. Was a former historian of Jedi.

Deep from within...


Victims live a life of fantasy.


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Kavar is the best. He's wise and also a skilled fighter.

Vrook is an old fool, I hate him.

Lonna Vash is cute, but didn't have the chance to speak to her.

Vandar is also ok, reminds me of Yoda's predecessor.

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kavar cuz he was an arse kicker(Entyn Katarn, Master Marauder, master of brutality, and he owns an arse-kicknig license). >_<

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