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So what would excite you more?


The boats, they float  

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  1. 1. The boats, they float

    • Time travel
    • Accurate prophecy
    • Pre-ancient civilizations

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I would choose Time Travel but I would do so very carefully, like right when the flames get high I would scoop Joan of Arc from the stake and plop her right in the middle of downtown and say "Hi."


I would go to 1963 in Dallas, stand on the grassy gnoll and say "DUCK!"


I would gather the most prominent religious leaders in history, along with Socrates, and bring them to present day U.N. and tell them to have at it.


I would make sure disco never happens.

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The discovery of pre-ancient civilizations on Earth, whether human or not, would be evidence that the universe is an even more interesting place than we thought. On the other hand, either time travel or accurate prophecy would diminish us by devaluing our choices and freedom, making life more boring. So I'd vote for the pyramid under the Antarctic or whatever.


What's wrong with disco?

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"An electric puddle is not what I need right now." (Nina Kalenkov)

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The original timeline would continue as normal but where the divergence point happens a tangent timeline is created. Its all a part of the parallel universe theory which has been somewhat supported through particle physics when scientists discovered shadow particles in accelerators traveling with the primary particle.


Theoretical, of course but we are talking about time traveling in the first place here.

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Do you by any chance have a link.


Doing a search for "Parallel Universe Theory" on Google resulted in no academic sources, and just references to Fred Alan Wolf, whom after What the Bleep Do We Know left me somewhat skeptical about his research.


Even then, it was just talk about Parallel Universes, not tangent timelines.

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Okay, parallel universe are formed when there is a decision to be made in which one decision goes one way while another decision goes another way. Basically where the path diverges. Now add in time travel in which one goes back in his own time line. When that person goes back and purposely "derails" the timeline by making a different decision he forms a new parallel universe also known as a tangent timeline.


Tangents refers to both alternate timelines and parallel universe theory and expands the dimensions on fix axis points: V, W, X, Y, and Z. V being the backwards and forward movement of time with W representing sideways movement through time (parallel universes). When there is a divergent in the primary timeline that divergent moves a point away fromthe baseline so that it remains true and unchanged while the tangent and the one who caused the tangent follows a new path.


There is no single link that forms this theory but something I came up with by reading a bunch of material on particle physics, time travel, and parallel universes. When I have more time I'll track down some relevant links for you.

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I would go to 1963 in Dallas, stand on the grassy gnoll and say "DUCK!"



So he is in fact turning to see who's shouting at him? ...back and to the left...

"It wasn't lies. It was just... bull****"."

             -Elwood Blues


tarna's dead; processing... complete. Disappointed by Universe. RIP Hades/Sand/etc. Here's hoping your next alt has a harp.

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I know the idea behind tangent timelines, and I know what you were saying.


Something caused you to form this opinion (and other people, since I didn't hear it first from you). I made the exact same rationalization when accounting for paradoxes while watching Terminator 2. But I was 12 and just pulling stuff out of my behind. I am very interested in the idea behind time travel, but some of the relativity courses I have taken lead me to believe that the only way you can "time travel" is by exploiting time dilation...and that only takes you forward.


I eagerly await the links.

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Time travel.


For fantasy's sake.


I would go back in 1995 and beat my own stupid self silly for taking that job at Pizza Hut, just so I wouldn't stay there for 6 frakkin' years!


Best thing i ever did was quitting this poohole. Too bad I made so many bad choices while there. My life would've been so much better...

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