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"Mandalorian Wars" Text-Based Role-Playing Game

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And yes, I'm a big freak.


The Goodwood Internet Community


I've had my own phpBB forum for a while now (since last September), which is dedicated to computer simulations and video games, as well as Star Wars and other noteworthy sci-fi and fantasy. With the help of my trusty moderators, I've been able to build up a nice community of over a hundred members of which around fifty are active or semi-active, and I'm quite proud of what I've managed to build there. However, the pride and joy of my forum is the text-based role-playing game I and a few others have been developing.


Text-based role-playing, for those who don't know what it is, is essentially a "make it up as you go along" version of a pen-and-paper RPG. You create a username on a forum with the name of your character, make a character sheet, and post with that character in a special subforum. Threads represent locations such as cities or planets, and you can interact with other Player and Non Player Characters in a wide variety of ways, including fighting each other in pre-arranged duels or ad hoc engagements. There is a system of rules that governs actions to prevent abuse of what is essentially an honor system of interactions (in short, you agree not to play God or play beyond your character for the sake of winning, etc).


The focus of this particular RPG that I've created is the Mandalorian Wars, and the twist that I've put on it is that I have made provisions for players to don the mantle of characters from both of the Knights of the Old Republic video games. The object of the game is, essentially, to explore this rather volitile era in the history of the Star Wars universe, and to try and fill in some of the gaps that the games and other EU have left.


Currently, the RPG is about a year (game time) away from the outbreak of the Wars themselves; the Mandalorians are preparing for their invasion of the Republic, while the Jedi are attempting to maintain the galactic peace. Revan, Malak and Bastila are undergoing their Jedi training, and Carth is fine-tuning his skills as a soldier. What we need right now are more players, more people to take up the Knights of the Old Republic characters, and we can go forward with this game, have a lot of fun, and maybe learn a little something about ourselves and our fellow Star Wars junkies... :lol:

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I'm one of the mods on Goodwood's site, yes another RPG SW freak specially when it comes to KOTOR.


The following list is of who we currently have. As you can see, we haven't gotten many as yet. We'd love to have more interest.


Bastila Shan*



Forn Dodonna

Jolee Bindo

Carth Onasi

Exile - Alara Knightly


Zuka Bendaro




Dizzy* - assassin for Exchange

Jethro Vendetta - Exchange boss

Haed'oro'seil - Jedi Master

Nahstaa - Jedi

Onesimon Sicarius

Cadio Onnd

Klo Merit - Jedi Knight

Yon Gusenwyer - Czerka boss

Ryn Ossek - Bounty Hunter (Czerka)

Scorp Ession - Jedi



We are still looking for the following:


Mission Vao








Saul Karath


Visas Marr

Atton Rand

Bao Dur




Tobius Nihilus







Zez-Kai Ell.


((This list is incomplete so if there is someone there from the games that is yet to me mentioned, and you wouldn't mind playing them, just let one of us know about it.))


* = the alias's I play.

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