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The best/most exotic item you've ever found in K2

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Your pet crystal was the most unique cause it reflected you

Yes it is unique and an excellent find. It follows your alignment and gives you bonuses according to that alignment.

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Your pet crystal was the most unique cause it reflected you


It's kind of hard not to find it, even during your first play through.



It was easy to find, just look in the cave!



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What exactly did Malak's Robes do?  I'm on my fourth playthrough and I have yet to find it.


I do have six Freedon Nadd's Pistols though...

Good luck in finding it. Thanks to the random loot generator you can go through many game plays and not find some items, yet gain a lot of others as you found out with the pistols.


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Jolee's robe has an impressive over 30 defence but is restricted to nutral.


I would love to have the assasin rifle to give to HK

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i think ther was a Z-somthing rifle that hit 5 to 30 or more. HK got it.

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I think you mean the Zenon rifle.

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