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Stuck on Telos

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I am at the point, doing LS missions, where I have to go and kill the Slusk. I got to the point where the gammorian opens the door (after killing all the mercinaries). Anyway, a droid (1) came out and then the door closed, forever selaing me out. I have since saved (oops), and was wondering if i could open this door or somehow get around it.


Thank you

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1 droid came out? sounds like the fairly rare door-closing-too-early glitch, your supposed to be up against 2 droids, if you killed one and the other is still stuck behind the door... well, you see how it bugs up?


Try placing a mine as close to the door as you can go, in hopes the robot on the other side triggers it, if it does then just keep placing mines till its dead.


Or try leaving the area and re-entering it, that might reset the droid to a better location?

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