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Best Sith Lord??

Who do you think is, or would've made the the best Sith Lord?  

66 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you think is, or would've made the the best Sith Lord?

    • Marka Ragnos
    • Tulak Hord
    • Ludo Kressh
    • Naga Sadow
    • Freedon Nadd
    • Revan
    • Malak
    • Darth Traya
    • Darth Nihilus
    • Darth Sion

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Ragnos was defeated by Jaden Korr.



Jaden Korr is a talented Jedi Knight under the tulage of Kyle Katern(a powerful Jedi Knight and friend of Luke Skywalker Post- Return of the Jedi).



Jaden Korr(regardless DS or LS endings) is quite Tough Jedi Knight.



Post-Return of the Jedi, Jaden Korr has one Jedi padawans/Knights that has a great potential.


Jaden takes after Kyle Katarn (his Jedi Master) in the sense, that Jaden was very good at being Jedi.


Kyle Katarn is a very powerful Jedi Master and a badass of the Jedi Knights series.




Btw Jaden fought Ragnos in the Game, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

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vote me as best dark lord :cool:

No true Dark Lord would ever ask for votes. He would kill his rivals, then kill the electorate, then kill everyone else. :ermm:


What's your policy on affordable social housing?

Rancor pits

btw i intend to kill all who stand against me by finding the legendary holocron of none other than Richard Nixon! :lol:


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Yes, but I might say the Exile's only slightly more powerful. Because he turned away from the force, became a human, and was able to use the force again. He's almost like a half-breed.



"Great intelligence usually goes hand in hand with great stupdity."


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Vrook is the best "Sith Lord" - he was just too stubborn to realise it.

HK47: Commentary: It is not possible to destroy the master. It is suggested that you run while my blasters warm, meatbags.

Bastila to Revan: You are easily the vainest, most arrogant man I have ever met!

Canderous to Bastila: Insults? Maybe if your master had trained your lightsaber to be as quick as your tongue you could have escaped those Vulkars, you spoiled little Jedi princess!

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Guest MacLeodCorp

I don't know about the first five.


When it comes to design, Nihlis comes out on top. When it comes to power, I think Sion is the most powerful in KotOR 2.

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