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please help!

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so i was playing through kotor 2 for the umteenth time. i had finished everything and all i had left to do was to go to dantooine and face the remaining jedi. i took this time and went to nar shaddaa to upgrade my saber. when i selected the work bench in near docking area however, i found that the breakdown value of all the items i had in my inventory had been dramatically reduced. most items i had could only be broken down into one or two components. i tried some other work benches, same problem. bummer. so i finished the game and then started a new character. the same thing happened! so far, i haven't been able to get it back to normal. what is going on here? how do i fix this?

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I don't recall exactly, but I think you needed a repair of 15? 20? or so to get max value during breakdowns....and until you reached the magical skill number what you get stays fairly low....


Plus, in the beginning/early of the game, most items pretty much have a default value of 1 (or 2, 4, 5, 10 etc), no matter what your skill. The items just aren't 'worth' much.

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