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favorite explots of KOTOR

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handmaiden's robe (credit problems....gone)


Offtopic: how canyou get that? I've beated game 4 times and never got it. :lol:

How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.

- OverPowered Godzilla (OPG)



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what is your favorite way to explot KOTOR 2?


The editor.

Either that or the mine exp. thing, because I could use it really early in the game and thus could level up (name fave NPC's here) a lot more from right when I first met them. Not to make the game easier...just because it was fun.

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I have tried this and it didn't work. I wil try it again, but I doubt I will have diferent results.

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This thread is a big "hey, f*** you!" to the humanity's intelligence.


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