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Restoration of the Jedi Order

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This thread is intended for speculation about the possible fate of the Jedi Order after KOTOR II.

What we have of the Jedi heritage?

1. Atris, a semi-insane Jedi Master who fell to the dark side and was redeemed by Exile. The only known official Jedi Master. Can possibly be corrupted by the Sith holocrons again or even killed by them. Either way, the holocrons are there for something. Dead in the DS ending.

2. Bastila, a Jedi Padawan who miraculously survived the period between K1 and K2, possibly as fan service. (Who wouldn't be enraged if Obsidian killed her off-screen?) Plays a minor role in K2, but her whereabouts are unknown in the DS ending of K1. Well, it isn't canonical anyway, but something to consider if they decide to implement all 16 endings in K3. The only known official Jedi besides Atris and Revan.

3. Brianna (Handmaiden), who succeeds Atris as a historian in the LSM ending. It is unclear, though, if being a "historian" implies being a Jedi.

4. Exile. Not officially a Jedi, since his/her punishment was not lifted by the last known Council on Dantooine. Unlikely to participate in the restoration process due to being in the Unknown Regions (LS) or on Malachor V (DS).

5. Mical (Disciple). Becomes a Jedi Council member in the LSF ending. Probably doesn't discover his Force-sensitivity at all in the LSM ending. Nevertheless, being a historian, can be valuable for the Jedi.

6. Revan. I dare not speculateth about Him, ye prophets of Revan the Almighty.

7. Atton, Bao-Dur, Mira and Visas. Force-sensitive, received some basic training from Exile, but not confirmed to become Jedi. In possible DS endings, Mira and/or Visas are dead. I'd say Visas is the one most likely to join the Jedi Order.



1. The Academy on Telos. The newest and containing invaluable information "borrowed" by Atris from Dantooine. Probably the safest, after Atris is taken care of. Population: Atris (the Handmaidens die or disappear no matter what).

1. The Enclave on Dantooine. Mysteriously rebuilt in a very short timespan. Most Jedi relics were destroyed or excavated. Population: None.

2. The Temple on Coruscant. Population: None.


So how exactly do you think the Jedi Order is restored? For clarity, one can assume LSM Revan and LS Exile, although solutions for alternate endings are certainly welcome.

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Bastila has yet to be seen as a Jedi Master in a Kotor game. Since Battle Meditation has been made a force power in K2, an advanced form of Battle Meditation which Bastila might utilise through her understanding of the force might be an ability called War Repulsion. Difference is that it has potential to create conflict on a planetary scale. (I sought of think of War Repulsion as something that Bastila masters only before the last part of a game at which time she might also assume the role of a Jedi Master)

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I just hope that they`ll come up with something as suprising/exciting as finding out that you`re Revan in K1. I can still remember how amazed I was when it was revealed.


As for the Jedi heritage (my version): bastila, bao, handmaiden, mira, visas...have gathered whatever remaining jedi and started to train more for the war with the true sith. Revan makes a dramatic comeback! LS or DS...dunno

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Well, but the cut ending isn't canon and Malachor is destroyed in the LS ending. (And the DS Exile certainly wouldn't bother restoring the Jedi Order, he thinks himself to be a Sith.)

(Off-topic: I sincerely hope K3 won't be centered around the True Sith invading Republic space and the New Jedi Order resisting them. This would be so... tacky.)

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Diciple has always known about his force sensitivity. He got some little bits of training at the academy before Exile left to join the war.


Basically from the ending I got taht the people you trained would eventually become the new reigning council.

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the jedi order was never destroyed before the jedi purge. actually if you pay attention, it says that the jedi watchman had exiled themselves out of delusionement (sp) like jolee bindo did. So If the exile is bright, he will send his students to seek them out. and the jedi order will be reborn without the fear and arrogance and inaptitude of the old council :(

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Better to start over with something than nothing. Those new recruits that the Exile picks up will be the Next Generation of Jedi.

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I don't care how much it cheapens KOTOR II but they need to write in a way to restore the Jedi Masters. Killing them off cheapened the storyline alot, as did the fact that when you meet them seperately they seem very understanding and helpful but when they meet on Dantooine, they decided to condemn you just because you feed off those around you in a similar manner as the sith. I don't see the big threat in that, I understand their concern about showing themselves and harming the innocent planets they dwell but they should let the Exile do as he wishes.

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In reply to first message, Bastila is either a full Jedi Knight from LS ending (and "savior of the galaxy" as vandar states) or Sith master apprentice to Revan and master of the sith academy if you go by DS. Not just a padawan... remember, she was lvl 16-20 :D

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