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Eek.  Well, Guild Wars might not be everyone's cuppa, but it does what it does very, very well, is a beautiful game, and frankly has absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to Diablo2.  And I'd sure consider it to be a MMORPG. 


No game will hold everyone's attention indefinitely, but frankly I've put 300-400 hours into it, and I'm still having fun.  That's definitely my $49.99 worth, IMHO.


kotorkyle, my post on the previous page goes into more detail about the story line, the potential of using a team of cleaver AI henchies or grouping with other "human" players, the missions, and the exploration of many... and I do mean many... gorgeous maps for questing.  It's a fine game in my opinion, and a very popular one as well.  Do some research at the various Guild Wars forums, and see if you might like to try it.


I'll check it out Di. Mabye Gabbs was right, computer gaming is more fun. :)

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... and frankly has absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to Diablo2.  And I'd sure consider it to be a MMORPG. 





How about we cannot take 2 steps without running into a mob? how about boring repeating combat?


Guild Wars is very close to Diablo, its not Sacred (that is Diablo) butt it have several aspect of it.


Guild Wars is not a MMORPG per say, its just a co-op game with gives the worst of MMORPGs (idiot players, farming) without the best (tons of quests, things to actually make farming and grinding have a purpose) ... only reason someone sould play Guild Wars is for competitive PvP.

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Consider that I played both.


I posted on Guild Wars Guru forums and complains were either PvP inbalance (spirit spawn was issue around the time I stop playing) or the lack of single player content ... in fact the PvP crew usually told us that "this is not WoW" and "dont turn this into WoW".


WoW is very far from perfect but you cannot honestly compare the content of both games, GW is simply build too much around PvP (and god, how much the PvPs complained about the "skill grind") and the PvE content is very lacking.


Of course others are entitled to their own opinions but mine come from playing both games and I even moved from GW to WoW ... you simply cannot compare what is walking on WoW in a lower level area and be left alone by the local enemies as walking in GW was a pain in the ass, lot of pop-up enemies (I hated the jungle and desert segment) and a lot of mobs that making walking a pain, I have a literal hate of South Shiverpeaks due to the amount of mobs, their obscene levels and the fact they drop junk (and the whole "henchman take a cut" so they might drop something worthy but its not like you are going to notice it ... and no, we cannot do it solo unless it was the old monk build that relied on a health trick to recive no damage).

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Gabrielle... I can honestly say that I've played over 90%+ of GW by myself (well, me and the henchies!). Truthfully there are a couple of missions late in the game that I had to group in order to finish. I did every single quest with henchies, however. And I've done most of the post-storyline games/areas with just henchies. So you can spend a lot of hours by yourself, if that's your wish. And I took advantage of that!


Drakon, you obviously prefer WoW over GW, and that's fine. I've not played WoW, because I have dial-up and don't want to spend $15/month in addition to the $49.99 investment. It very well may be that the majority of people who have played both games will prefer WoW, but the truth is that they are very different games, both in cost and play styles. I don't see why one has to denigrate one game just to elevate the status of another, however. Opinions, valuable as they are, aren't really facts, after all, and do vary from person to person! :huh:

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Guild Wars should be a good fit for you then. The henchmen are a great idea. If I had only played GW, I would probably love it, but I think that Drakron is just trying to make it clear that the two don't measure up to each other well in his opinion. You've got to play them both to really do a comparison.


But if you don't want the monthly fee, it's a moot point. GW is the winner.


*edit* At the start of this thread, Petay was thinking of both WoW and GW, which is where much of the comparing came into play.

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GW quests are not exactly dificult and there are henchman but the missions will eventually require you to team up with other players, I could do then until I reached the Jungle but after that it starts to require to team up with other players.


Of course by the time you start to team up with other players you notice there are very few quests avaible.

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I also solo'd through most of my time thru both of these games. If something required me to party up, or I just felt like company, I would find a group, but otherwise...

Of course, there are late/end game areas that are designed to not be done alone. WoW, for example, has instance dungeons that require 8+ people, no way around it. GW does too - it's the point of on-line games in the end, after all.


GW late-game would not have been terribly soloable without the henchies, but I've known people who've solo'd almost all of GW in terms of quests.


Since game designers are currently designing action-RPG's more for on-line than SP, I just treat them like SP games with the option of partying as much as possible. If you like solo'ing more than, or just as much as, grouping, it's still fun in both WoW and GW.

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“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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I'm kind of shocked i'm saying this.


But Guild Wars is pretty good for what it is.


You could solo your way through most of the content, but it's also nice to have the option to have friends with you.


But in no way is it a a really MMORPG.

Maybe it's a technicality, but even the devs prefer to NOT call it an MMORPG. For better or for worse, the game does away with several classic MMORPG traits -- level grinding, global (as opposed to instanced) zones, penalizing of casual players, and of course monthly fees.

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