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Most difficult game you have ever played

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SEGA's Shinobi.

Now that's Real Ultimate Power.


I don't know if you're referring to the Genesis or PS2 version, but it doesn't matter. Both were hard as hell.


Shinobi (PS2) for me. It's got to be the only game I'm actually proud of beating.


Yup. I'm old skool. :)

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Tenchu: Return From Darkness (Xbox version of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven) is tough for me.


Currently I am playing Xenosaga ep. II that have a combat system that requires focus, I consider it hard because its not forgiving (it have been some time were I am wiped out by a standart fight) and "leveling up" does require the player to go training.

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Tenchu: Return From Darkness (Xbox version of Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven) is tough for me.

I played Tenchu 3 on PS2 and yes, it's rather though, but only if you aim for perfection. Most levels can be practically ran through, the enemies are that clumsy.

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King's quest... 4, was it? The Perils of Rosella, whatever number it was.


Couldn't find that thrice-be-damned Golden Bridle. Turns out you had to be swallowed by a whale while in possession of a pea**** feather (that you found on an island only reachable by swimming through shark-infested waters (instant death if shark nabs you)), then walk up the whale's tongue in a 1 - 3 pixel wide path (not represented graphically), beginning at a certain spot on the right hand side of the whale's mouth, tickle the whale's mouth, and get spit out into the waters near a small island. In the boat was the bridle (also not represented graphically), which you just had to know, somehow, was in there... no clues anywhere in the game, but there it was. Step into the boat, and type, for no reason at all, "get bridle". ;)


And the stairs in that blasted tower were a nightmare to try and navigate as well. Dear Rosella would somehow manage to break her neck if she fell off a two foot embankment, never mind taking a nose dive off a three story circular staircase.


Damn, am I ever glad that certain forms of gameplay have fallen by the wayside as games have evolved over the years. :)


Edit: Oh, come on.. I can't say pea****? What about peahen? This filtering software is sexist, damnit!

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hard to say for me.  Diablo 1+2 were both pretty hard on the final levels.  Diablo II was definitely the more difficult of the two.  Diablo must have killed me hundreds of times.  As soon as he whipped out the fire lightning, I was done.

Really? :shifty:


I always found them to be exceptionally easy. I rarely, rarely die in those games.



Tetris was hard. Really hard. Damned quickly moving different colored and shaped blocks...

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Mostly platform games:

Jet Set Willy


Super Metroid


And also:

Blockout. It's 3d tetris.

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Knights of Legend and Bard's Tale 3 were definitely up there. In fact, I don't think I ever actually finished either of them, but I did have a lot of fun with them.


Tough CRPGs seems to be a thing of the past though, unfortunately. I actually enjoyed the frustration factor of getting stuck at a tough spot, and would return to games later to try again. Most newer CRPGs you can simply walk through without difficulty and finish on the first try. I'm not sure if the problem is that most people simply don't like to be challenged by a CRPG, or whether it's that people are so accustomed to easy games now that they aren't psychologically prepared for a challenge and get annoyed at the developers for providing one, rather than enjoying the challenge for what it is.



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The short game thread reminded me of the most difficult game I ever played (because it got into adventure games, not because the game was short):


The first Discworld. Some of the puzzles were so far out there it was almost impossible to get them straight. Like one where you had to go back in time, put a frog in your mouth (although the frog did jump out of your mouth at the start of the game) so a butterfly would change it's position. Said Butterfly would then flap it's wings causing it to rain in the future (or present depending on how you view things) in another part of town so a person's robes would get wet. He would then hang them to dry so you could steal them.


And that's a puzzle we solved (I played it with a friend who at the time had read more Pratchett than I had, without his knowledge I think I'd have gotten stuck much, much sooner).


I don't recall what it was that finally broke us down, but in the end we just couldn't finish it (I remember how far we got, just not what we had to do afterwards). I think we were 2/3s through. Some time (year/s) later I went back to the game with the help of a walkthrough and finished it, shaking my head at how extremely bizarre all the puzzles that came after were.


Discworld was just ridiculous. It didn't even tell you what the puzzles were. It would give you a screen and expect you to accomplish things. When you got something wrong? "That doesn't work!". Thank god for walkthroughs. I read Pratchett, so I knew what I had to do in the butterfly puzzle. Couldn't do it, though...

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The 7th Guest; Apart from being quite boring some of the puzzles were also insanely hard for me...never finished it.


Bad Mojo. Apart from being rather uh, gross and revolting it was also requiring more nimble fingers than mine...but that's a really lame excuse...I didn't finish and even though I still have it, I can't play it for some odd reason.

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This is embarassing, but the only game I have never finished becuse it was too difficult was Diddy Kong Racing for Nintendo 64. I don't know why but I never finished it and I had a lot of problems even winning the few races that I did win. That game annoyed me to no end. I started hating it after a while, and I still do as a matter of fact. <_<

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I had no problems with Bard's Tale 3, but I had to buy the guidebook to get through one section of Bard's Tale 2.


Other games I've found extremely difficult: Wizardry 7, Myth 3, Sudden Strike, Dark Reign, Silent Hunter 3 and the end battle of Pools of Darkness!


I never got past that bit in the Hitchhjiker's Guide text game with the babelfish either - although I was pretty young at the time!

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The one that comes to mind right now is Zork:Nemesis. I was, and still am, primarily an RPG/TBS player - I picked this game up because of the packaging and it was VERY good but I needed help with more than a few puzzles. If you have never played this one I recommend giving it a try if you can find it. 2 of the things I will never forget - The sounds/music in the "Sanitarium" and the eerie booklet that came with it.

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If you haven't had any experience with the line of thinking in adventure games I'd definitely recommend Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island as they are both quite hilarious and unconventional...if you get stuck you'll likely still be laughing so it's a bit easier to escape the feeling of defeat...and they are not really that hard.

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