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Major reason to get Kingdom Hearts 2


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Disney RPGs work?  :huh:


Kingdom Hearts was one of those games that everyone was bashing it when they heard about it, then it came out and was a big hit because it actually worked. The graphics were a huge point in its favor too. Instead of going for cel-shading when putting cartoon characters in the game, they wen with regular textures and such, but did such a good job that you can't imagine them doing it any other way. Cel-shading would have ruined it. Also, its not really an RPG. More of a Zelda style action adventure, only with a lot more story and character.

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It's fun watching hurcules save Cloud... of course I got pissed because they changed all the FF guys names.





It has good voice talant and great music

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Kevin Butler will awesome your face off.

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I never picked up the first one, is it worth getting?


Absolutely as long as you can still find a copy.


I loathe disney but even I couldnt help but enjoy the game.

I have a copy, but i have never got round to playing it..


I have heard good things about the game but I cant bring myself to playing it...



in case I like it :">



EDIT:Typos :thumbsup:

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