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Corrupted save games?


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Yesterday after having some Tecnical problems with TSL.


i decided to reinstall the game. after doin so i copied my old saves back and thei


worked just fine in new installation. then i decided to start a new character to test


some things. when starting up and when the game did a auto save something


happend i dont know. this new save overwrites all my old save games it seems.


atleast after this new save were writen i cant longer see my old saves. so it seems like 20 old saves has transfirmed to 1 new single! and this new save is suddenley now the only on showing up


I dunno if its ever possible to get them back. however looking in my save directory the little screenshot on each old saves are still there and are pointing to the right planet i was on before. so i dont know...


My real problem whit this issue is instead of just copy the working old saves i


misstakely cut them to this new installation. so if thei were destroyed in that map


this was my only backup :o when reinstalled i have used the same patches so it couldn just be that?


what i wanna now is what could have happend i dont get it? is there som way i can restore them?


sorry for being some cind of repetive in my text


im just trying to be so informative as possible


Any suggestion is Hiiigly apreitiated.

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It is all OK, you don't have lost any of your savegames!


When You are at the Load-Screen you must see some arrows, near your character's portrait (if I remember correctly, now I am in the process of reinstalling my system, so I don't have KotOR2 installed in this momment). If you use these arrows you can cycle between your different characters you have created who you have saved at least once (or it has been saved by the game's AutoSave function). Find your other character, and you will see all your saves for that!

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how could i miss that function?. i hade my susspision that i in some way just have


left my brain somewhere else, and i hade right. i dont think i have ever maked it



whitout you post however . so thank you wery mutch :D

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