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Which Jedi Master least deserved their fate?



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  1. 1. Which Jedi Master least deserved their fate?

    • Dorak
    • Kavar
    • Lonna Vash
    • Vandar Tokare
    • Vrook Lamar
    • Zez-Kai Ell
    • Zhar Lestin

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Kavar fans!  :)



He's the one master that seems to be on your side at the trial and in the game. He's shacking up with the beautiful Queen Talia, helping her out.


Even when I play DS I can't bring myself to kill him on Onderon. I have to do it on Dantooine though.  :(


Here's a pic for you Kavar fans:




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I think Kavar deserved it least. All the masters deserved their fate.


Let us assume a lightside character for this example. Darkside character wants revenege against the masters and the Sith.


When Kreia slaughtered the masters the masters had become as the exile once was. A void and echo in the force and it is because they wanted to be that way. Kavar was a total yes man and when he got around has buddies in the Counsole agreed with them at least Vrook was true to himself. I wish as a lightside Jedi instead of Kreia slaughtering all of the masters I wish the exile could have done it.


In either case of lightside/darkside the masters have become useless. Kreia's explanation of Atris is a good example of the masters as a group.

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But in the end they all became one with the Force, which is their goal. So really they all died happy. :ph34r:

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