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Those Darn Lightsabers

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So I'm stuck on my second game at the end. I've beaten Kreia in lightsaber combat easily, but now is the omg incredibly hard part... the three floating lightsabers.


I know this subject has probably been talked about before but I couldn't find anything on a search, so... anyone got any tips for how to beat them? I am lightside so I tried forcewave like the guide says but they save it every time even though my wisdom is crazy high.


I even tried putting the game difficulty on easy and they still beat me in three rounds even when I had an enery shield on and used force enlightenment. Someone please help, I just want to complete this game so that the third time through I can hear the new dialogue options. :lol:

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That's odd, cause usually force-wave worked for me. Then again, my Jedi Master also had force-storm (he had so many force points I could use darkside powers). What type of Jedi build do you have?


Try using anything that helps deflect energy. If you have the energy-resist force power, try that. Also, keep using the energy shields, preferably the more powerful ones. Don't be afraid to use stimulants before-hand, either. What I like to do is pause the game while not in combat and activate a whole bunch of stimulants from the menu. ;)


Some have also tried running away from the lightsabers and using ranged combat to wipe them out. I know one just used throw-lightsaber the whole time. :)

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I'm on my first play through and i got to the lightsabers, and jeez Kriea is the longest boss, took me like 10 mins cuz she kept healing, let's see if i can find a way to kill the lightsabers tho





JUST BEAT THEM, and not to be a show-off or anything, but after reading all the "omfg this level is so hard!" i found it pretty easy, i didnt die once, but on other levels i did, i guess i can do hard stuff but not easy stuff eh?



the best way to beat the lightsabers is critical strike, taking them 1 by 1, and using advanced medpacs or those life support packs :blink:

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I always used sheilds and stims, and I found by using force push, I could get one ore two of the sabers to back off while I ran down on of the walkways. One ore two would follow me, but I use speed, and I can have enough time to heal most of my health before it arrives. I did have a jacked up saber though, like 21-19 or something. :blink:

(Marine Axiom)

Sweat Dries

Blood Clots

Bones Heal


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I played as a Jedi Master the first time I played the game and beating Kreia was the hardest thing ever because I was too ignorant to learn about the stats of each prestige (dont't ask). But wonce I became a weapon Master I beat her and the lightsabers in like 2 master flurrys.


Lightsaber Superiorization III kiks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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