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Dual LSaber VS Double-bladed LSaber ?

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Hey look at the sub-description. Which one will win. Well, if they fought each other it depends if the dual wielder has good upgrades. If he doesn't, he loses. If he does, he wins.



yes we'll see, thats why kotor needs multiplayer

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really i do just fine without it, there really are to many mostly useless powers and feats


At the end of TSL, you're so overloaded with feats, powers, magical items and upgrades that killing the enemy becomes a one-sided walk through the graphics and conversations, even at the highest difficulty setting...


On choke+terror?


Oh and Darth Sceptor I bet you played KOTOR 2 with training wheels on..

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not long.


Don't forget, all of the fraking buffs you can get. Also the upgrades, then all of the feats to compliment in your chosen build. Then all of the offense force powers. Then all of the Implants when your const hits 18 you can use. then all of the gear and the weapons you can upgrade. Then the usefulness of the skills that you can aquire to get the said upgrades.


The Exile can be extemely overpowered regardless of Lightsaber forms.



Well Kotor 2 has unbalanced gameplay due to the fact that The Exile can achieve lvl 50 and be good at Melee, Lightsabers, blasters, Force Powers, and Skills without any problems.



And if Focused, A lvl 50 Exile can be abusdly Great at just one of them and get all of their relative force powers, skills and feats.

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holy nercomacor, this is a three year old thread...........................DAMN


Yeah... You know what that means.





Thanks gor reminding me that I haven't seen in in the last month... that's just disturbing :lol:. But double-bladed red FTW :o

In 7th grade, I teach the students how Chuck Norris took down the Roman Empire, so it is good that you are starting early on this curriculum.



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Nearly always dual blades. Sometimes double. Always silver.

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