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Dual LSaber VS Double-bladed LSaber ?

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Dual lightsabers. Quite frankly, when I whip my lightsabers out, I'm looking to hand out ass beatings. Double the sabers = harder the beatings.



duel sabers or single bladed, i was really disapointed that there was a double bladed weapon feat, like the dueling or two handed weapons feats.

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thats not what the description says


Yes it is. It says all dual weapons (dual melee weapons, dual lightsabers, dual blasters) or DOUBLE-BLADED WEAPONS (double-bladed weapons) receive the subtraction of the penalty.


Single-bladed lightsabors have more accuracy than most other saber combinations.




Maybe so, but not always the case. Especially with the upgraded versions of Burst of Speed, single lightsabers only get half of what double-bladed or dual lightsabers get. Same with Force Valor and its upgrades. Think about it like this. With the Master Valor feat, and the Master Burst of Speed (I think that's what it's called), and Master Flurry (or any Flurry feat), let's add it up. Master Valor gives 4 extra damage PER ATTACK, Master Burst of Speed gives 2 extra attacks, and Flurry gives an extra attack for each hand (or blade, or does it? Does Flurry give 2 extra attacks with double-bladed or only 1?)*, that's... 4 extra attacks, 2 basic attacks, and 4 extra damage per attack. So 6 attacks with an extra physical damage on each... 24 extra damage+6 attacks. That's a lot of damage. So, if you're going to be dual wield or double bladed, it makes sense to be light sided and using armor that doesn't restrict Burst of Speed. In fact, even if the first few miss, the others will probably hit, and Master Flurry only gives a -1 or -2 on attack rolls.


Now for single bladed, let's see... it's 2 extra attacks with 4 damage per attack. So that's 12 damage+3 attacks. I'm sorry, that doesn't even BEGIN to compare with dual-wielding or double-bladed. With the max dual feats and a balanced weapon, a -0, -2 in attack isn't that big of a deal. Let's think logically, -0 will hit almost as many times as a single bladed, and if your double bladed it receives 1.5x the strength modifier. -2 will hit almost as many times as your main hand, and close to the number of times you hit with a single lightsaber (many > close > near > far > can't even begin to compare, in my opinion), at least 2/3 of how many times the main hand hits.... so that's a bit more damage, don't you think? (sarcasm). However, single bladed DOES increase defense, and all in all that's the whole point of a single lightsaber: the extra defense cancels a lot of lightsaber forms that you struggle using otherwise, and it lowers need for dex, allowing you to pour more into strength at the beginning of the game, and in the middle (but in the middle you shouldn't even think of adding dex unless you always get hit or if you use blasters).


* If double-bladed only gets 1 extra attack from Flurry, then calculations would be: 20 extra damage+5 attacks. The attacks receive 1.5x strength though, so that's also a boon.


Conclusion: If you want to use lightsaber forms and/or have more defense, be a single bladed lightsaber. Single bladed lightsaber wielders are good against bosses, too, and can easily take out the three lightsabers Kreia sends after you in the end. However, double-bladed or dual wielded lightsabers can offer EXTREME amounts of damage compared to single bladed lightsabers. It all depends on what you want. If you want to tank, be a single bladed lightsaber (the wookie I use only uses one sword or axe, because it gets defense from Dueling); if you want to be something like a huge damage dealer, then be dual wield. It's like D&D; people who use single swords are single weapons always are tanks (except Barbarian in Rage, and usually they use 2h weapons) simply because they have shields. In KotOR2, Dueling is your shield. Paladins, Fighters, etc., etc., all are tanks because they do better with single weapons. However, if you read about the Ranger D&D class, even when they Dual Wield, they are DAMAGE DEALERS. They always have a -2, -2 penalty to their attacks, but they have two attacks and can deal massive damage to enemies with low defense, and crit a lot to enemies with high defense. So it all depends on what you want to specialize in. BTW, double-bladed and single bladed are the same price, contrary to popular belief. Only dual wielding is more expensive.

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I think blue and purple single-bladed lightsabors are the coolest looking.


I find always in the movies and extended series that black Jedi (no racism) always have purple lightsabers. Purple is a cool color, so it's not like it's bad, but there's rarely any variation, and those people with the pants over their head ALWAYS have green or blue lightsabers. Caucasians always have green, blue, yellow, or red (different variations on red, though, I could've sworn one Sith's lightsaber was half on the pink side). So maybe George Lucas had a sense of nativism by giving his race the most color variation.

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I find always in the movies and extended series that black Jedi (no racism) always have purple lightsabers.


In the Star Wars movies Mace Windu had a Purple lightsabor.

Always knowing the answer doesn't make you smart, but being able to discover the answer does.

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Not only Mace Windu. There were two others in the extended series, both with purple.


Now guys, put your hands together because I did some number crunching! YAY ME!!!




I made a mistake in my other thread (or was it this thread?). The total attacks per round with Master Force Speed and any Flurry feat is.. 7 for double bladed and 8 for dual wield. Single bladed actually gets 4 attacks per round.


Double Bladed - Main Hand: 1 basic+2 Master Force Speed+1 Flurry; Off Hand: 1 basic+2 Mastery Force Speed; Grand Total: 7 attacks per round


Dual Wield - Main Hand: 1 basic+2 Master Force Speed+1 Flurry; Off Hand: 1 basic+2 Master Force Speed+1 Flurry; Grand Total: 8 attacks per round


Single Bladed - Seriously do I really have to list these; same as dual wield main hand


Now let's do some number crunching.


Double Bladed - Equation: 7.5x+28, where x is your strength modifier and the constant is the extra damage from Master Force Valor.; How much Str. Needed to be Better than Dual Wield: x>+2. Actually it should be greater than or equal to. That's right, if your strength modifier is a +2, then Double-Bladed LSaber is better.


Dual Wield - Equation: 6x+32, where x is your strength modifier and the constant is the extra damage from Mastery Force Valor.; How much Str. Needed to be Better than Double-Bladed: x<+2. That's right, after you get a +2 modifier, Dual Wield starts lagging behind due to Double-Bladed LSaber's greater slope (7.5) of linear growth, compared to Dual Wield's (6). The last time I checked, 7.5>6.



NOTE1: I'm a nerd, that's why I did these number crunches.

NOTE2: These are WITHOUT MODIFIERS, CRYSTALS AND CORES. I think that's what makes the large difference.


NOTE4: Sorry for the double post.


NOTE5: This is for those of you who use a single lightsaber.


Equation: 4x+16. That's it. That's the damage you get with a single lightsaber. It's not bad, I say, it can kill I mean, but seriously, if you want to do damage, GO FOR THE DOUBLE-BLADED (unless you want to spend uber amounts of money on cores). However, with whatever mode (I forgot), there's a major difference. With Form VII (I think, I'm really not sure of which forms are which), all I know is that it gives a +4 in physical attacks, making this baby a 4x+32; however, it gives a -1 defense and a -4 in saving throws, NICE CHANCES TO HIT HOWEVER! +3 WHOOOO!!! That's what makes this build shine. Whatever form that is, all of a sudden this baby becomes dual wield -2 attacks, but with a +3 hit rate. However, not even dual wield has a -1 in defense and -4 in saving throws (though I think it should, if you compare it with RL).


So let's compare in terms of damage and defense, optimizing damage:

Excellent>Great>Good>Bad>Poor (just like DDR without the Perfect)


Double Bladed: Excellent offense, cheap, Bad defense, Good hitrate

Dual Wield: Excellent offense, expensive, Bad defense, Good hitrate

Single Bladed: Great damage, cheap, Poor defense, Excellent hitrate


Now let's optimize defense:


Double Bladed: can't change anything without cores

Dual Wield: can't change anything without cores

Single Bladed: now, this uses a different form that gives a -4 in attack and hitrate and a +4 in saving throws and defense. Let's take a look - +7 defense, -1 hitrate, -4 attack, +4 saving throws, which comes out to a... Poor damage, cheap, Excellent defense, Bad hitrate


^ That is the ultimate tank build (Single Bladed with that form, if you have an extra lightsaber for a tank, let's say the wookie, then USE IT!!!)




Yes, I'm a nerd. Here are the number crunches. All in all, without upgrades, Double Bladed is better in offense, Single bladed is better in defense, and dual wield is just plain expensive to get good.

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atrau, Double lightsaber, master speed and master power attack for the win for Kotor 2.


Don't forget battle meditation!



naw, you dont need battle meditation


Well Master Meditation gives +4 to hitrate, and seriously, if your dual wielding, that is VALUABLE.

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