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Light and dark Side?

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So if you kill all the jedi, you get the options of Sith Lord, Sith Maurder, and the other Sith? And if you don't than it's Jedi Master, Jedi Watchman, and Jedi Wepons master? I'm confused.


So am I. What exactly is the question. Anyway you can be darkside and not kill the masters and vice versa it does not matter, the prestige classes you are offered are based on your dark/light allignment.

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As said before, the choice of classes is based on your alignment.


The three Jedi prestige classes are equivalent to the three Sith ones:

Jedi Weaponmaster = Sith Marauder

Jedi Watchman = Sith Assassin

Jedi Master = Sith Lord


The equivalent classes are the same type, just different names and slightly different abilities depending on your alignment. The Weaponmaster/Marauder extends the Guardian class. The Watchman/Assassin extends the Sentinel class. The Master/Lord extends the Consulor class. However, you can mix them if you want. If you're a Consulor, you obviously focus more on use of the Force. You can switch to Weaponmaster/Marauder to focus more on melee combat if you want. It's all a matter of personal preference.


If I've made any mistakes here, please correct me. It's been a little while since my last playthrough, and may have gotten the classes mixed up.

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I said at least level 15. sorry if I confused anyone


Yes, but you didn't mention you also needed to have the Visas encounter for this to work...

EDIT: There have been already quite a large amount of topics saying "But I was lvl 15, but still can't choose Prestige Class", so just stating it right away will prevent more people of wondering why they won't get the Prestige Class...

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Prestige classes offer you the path to influence K2's story in some way right till the ending part.

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Ah wise is vaxen

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In short you have just shown me your soft meatbag-like underbellies and said

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