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Star Wars Fan Art

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Wonderful mynock DL...don't know why Shadowstrider doesn't even give his opinion...


ED :wacko:


Yay I'm celebrating my 100th post!!!! youhou

"Revan was power. It was like staring into the heart of the Force. Even then, you could see the Jedi he would slay etched on his soul."


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It's cool Pendrak, don't worry about it >_<


I'm just really upset about Shadowstrider... :'(






There, there, DL (pats her on the head). Shadowstrider's a busy man; he probably just hasn't had time to look at it. If he's no-show for much longer, I'll be sure to send out a squad of moth-creatures to track him down for you. :(

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Great work, Julian. :shifty: Keep it up!

Нека Силата винаги бъде с теб!


I reject your reality, and substitute it with my own.


Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.

John Lenon


This thread is a big "hey, f*** you!" to the humanity's intelligence.


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