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Sweden's Twisting Tower


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*mumbles somewhing about swedes and alcohol*... :D

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.” - Albert Einstein

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kirottu said:
I was raised by polar bears. I had to fight against blood thirsty wolves and rabid penguins to get my food. Those who were too weak to survive were sent to Sweden.


It has made me the man I am today. A man who craves furry hentai.

So let us go and embrace the rustling smells of unseen worlds

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More fancy offices and luxury apartments, thats JUST what we need.






its not like we have a living crisis where the price of realestate reached ridiculous levels 10 years ago...

DISCLAIMER: Do not take what I write seriously unless it is clearly and in no uncertain terms, declared by me to be meant in a serious and non-humoristic manner. If there is no clear indication, asume the post is written in jest. This notification is meant very seriously and its purpouse is to avoid misunderstandings and the consequences thereof. Furthermore; I can not be held accountable for anything I write on these forums since the idea of taking serious responsability for my unserious actions, is an oxymoron in itself.


Important: as the following sentence contains many naughty words I warn you not to read it under any circumstances; botty, knickers, wee, erogenous zone, psychiatrist, clitoris, stockings, bosom, poetry reading, dentist, fellatio and the department of agriculture.


"I suppose outright stupidity and complete lack of taste could also be considered points of view. "

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I like the design of it.  :wub:

Apparently so did a bunch of rich americans too, because I read somewhere that they're planning to build another "Turning Torso" in the US, only like.. ten times bigger.


I went to see it this summer. It stands alone in the harbour area of Malmoe and it looks mighty impressive from the ground. The entire area is designed around it, and everything is looking very futuristic and expensive. Of course, if you buy an apartment in the torso, a wine cellar (that holds 50 bottles) is included in the price. I guess that says a lot about the luxury level of the place.

Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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hopefully the new "Freedom Tower" won't be like that. It scares me that we name things Freedom this and Freedom that 300 years AFTER we beat the british out of our country...

Victor of the 5 year fan fic competition!


Kevin Butler will awesome your face off.

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We don't celebrate beating the English. We celebrate having our freedom. I get a bit tired of "freedom fries" and other such nonsense, but I'm not tired of my freedom. I don't mind reminding folks every now and then that what we hold most dear is our freedom.

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here's to my proposed "Freedom Wall" that will keep all the Mexicans out... :x

There's always someone who has to cross the line... :shifty:


EDIT: Pun NOT intended. :(



Well to be fair jags, we already do have one, and it's manned with high powered assault rifles. The problem is, those Mexicans are just so damned gutsy. Why while we were driving back up from Mexico after building the clinic, we watched three of them hop the wall right over the coffins that were to mark Mexicans who had been shot and died hopping that very wall.

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The words "Freedom" and "Liberty" have been raped by the current US administration, Bush in particular seems to fancy these words.


Reminds me of some left wing comic, Bill Maher(sp?) who commented on why the Bush twins weren't over in Iraq fighting daddys war: "Do they hate America, or just Freedom in general?" ^_^



It appears that I have not yet found a sig to replace the one about me not being banned... interesting.

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They must think that streets in the US are paved with gold or something.

Well, considering the cloying poverty and asphyxiatingly carcinogenic environmental polution of their neighbourhoods (perpetrated by US corporates exploiting the lenient and pro-business Mexican environmental laws) across the Rio Grande, I'd say it's a no-brainer.




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