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Lightsaber Color

What is your favorite Lightsaber color?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Lightsaber color?

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Silver
    • Orange
    • Viridian
    • Other (Post)

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I don't know why, but it just seems to me that Green (possibly Blue) is the natural LS colour, as Red (and possibly Purple) are normal DS colours, probably from the OT :).

Purple isn't Dark side at all. Mace Windu had a purple lightsaber and I believe in the New Jedi order Jaina Solo also has a purple one.



Conclusion - it can be used by both :lol:

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Single blue lightsaber for me, double-bladed blue lightsaber for Handmaiden, and two short yellow lightsabers for all of those damned sentinels in my party....


Oh! and a plasma projector for mandalore....hehehehehehehehe :thumbsup:

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I generally only count the lightsaber colors in the movies, plus yellow.


Green's my favorite, and that's what I use with Revan. The exile uses violet because it helps distinguish her from Revan, and it's my second favorite. Both for light side and dark side. These characters have better things to deal with than the color of their lightsaber blades.

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Purple, red, and blue are colors I'm fond of with the lightsaber.

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Silver and Viridian are cool colours-but silver just edges it.

Its not that star-warsy, but it still has a great kind or aura or some other fancy word. I just think it's good.

Orange is cool too. There's not actually any dislikable colours-on KotOR1 i gave my character two (cheat) Malak's lightsabers, and he was as light as it gets. I dont think colour reflects the siding of a person, except in films and books-in games any side can have any colour i think.

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silver, it is white colotr to me. looks cool.  :cool:


Too true. Its white with a hint of grey, tho you can see silverness.

Pure white wud look like a lollipop, and I can imagine pure blck-charcoal stick


P.S. Has anyone watched the american film Lord of the Flies? They have a lightsaber in that (ok, It's a glowstick but the films supposed to be in 1944 or smming, so only lightsabers were made at the time 'a long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away')

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A lightsaber in Lord of the Flies? :lol: I would say black was the coolest color, but I recently downloaded a black crystal mod and it isn't black, it's clear. The only thing you can see is a little distortion around where the blade would be, I suppose just so you know the blade is out. Of the existing colors I would have to go with silver.

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