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So he was called kum before I started calling him kum-kun? Great minds think alike.

I was raised by polar bears. I had to fight against blood thirsty wolves and rabid penguins to get my food. Those who were too weak to survive were sent to Sweden.


It has made me the man I am today. A man who craves furry hentai.

So let us go and embrace the rustling smells of unseen worlds

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So, I did someone, so isn't it my turn or something? Isn't that how it works?

Lou Gutman, P.I.- It's like I'm not even trying anymore!

One billion b-balls dribbling simultaneously throughout the galaxy. One trillion b-balls being slam dunked through a hoop throughout the galaxy. I can feel every single b-ball that has ever existed at my fingertips. I can feel their collective knowledge channeling through my viens. Every jumpshot, every rebound and three-pointer, every layup, dunk, and free throw. I am there.

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REmoved... I don't wanna hurt Ghost's feelings... again... :)




Here's what she said :




But you have a 5 in harassing!


I know where I'm not wanted. :(

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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I have an impenetrable bubble shielding me from emotional displays.


I have long since severed my contact with emotional highs and lows. I am the epitome of the emotionally unavailable man. Too much pain and suffering has forced me to adapt.


"Pain can be controlled...you just disconnect it"


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Well, let's try to revive this thread with a new rating. Less spam and more character sheets, you lazy asses!






AKA: Jags, lord Jaguar, "that jaguars person"





  • Intelligence: 3 - Smart enough to reach a position of prominence in the unforgiving world of TOMBS.
  • Wits: 4 - Faster than the eye...
  • Will: 3 - Can last for as long as he wants, but he usually keeps it brief.
  • Chutzpah: 4 - He doesn't care how badass you think you are.
  • Charisma: 5 - Only JK5 thinks badly of him.
  • Manipulation: 3 - He's not manipulative, but there's always another meaning to what you said.




  • Artful Dodging: 4 - He does not care for your puny attempts at offending him, unless you leave yourself open...
  • Derailing: 2 - You start derailing it, he'll render it irrecognizable.
  • Flaming: 3 - Not his style, but the jaguar has always razor sharp claws.
  • Humor: 5 - Merciless use of puns combined with utter disrespect. Google Mastery.
  • Lurking: 4 - Unless he's very interested in the thread or sees a clear opening for a joke, he won't bother to post.
  • Netiquette: 3 - Paragraphs, punctuation, and BBCode.
  • Nitpicking: 5 - You didn't think you meant to say that, did you?
  • On-topic: 2 - Well, if you really must...
  • Quoting: 4 - "Creative" quoting, specifically.
  • Thread Creation: 5 - Just where does he get all that stuff?
  • Word-Play: 4 - Dictionary.com




  • Fame: 5 - Top 10.
  • Respect: 5 - "He is a well known and respected member of our organization."
  • Dupe Accounts: ? - Sorry buddy, you need Indigo clearance to access this info. "Dun Dun Duuuuuun"
  • Net Access: 4 - He never misses the good stuff.
  • Spellmar: 2 - It's not the form of your post he's after.




  • Bukkake: Out of the scale. "Ewww".
  • Megalomaniac Master Diplomat: Managed to win OBS-1 together with Ender.
  • Treasure Hunter: Be it a pic, a weird newsflash, or an ancient post; if it exists, chances are he'll find it.
  • Flippant: He wields Real Ultimate Power to devastating effect.
  • Comic Book Guy: You never thought a conversation between Chancellor Bismarck and Luigi the Chef could be so funny.
  • Intolerant: Being proudly stupid or a blatant poser will have him get medieval on your ass.

- When he is best, he is a little worse than a man, and when he is worst, he is little better than a beast.

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I'm still suprised that people haven't decided to rate me (please? i need to know what I need to work on... :ph34r: )

Victor of the 5 year fan fic competition!


Kevin Butler will awesome your face off.

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