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Darksiders help

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I don't plan on playing the game as DS so I was wondering if anybody can explain this.

I read on Wiki that if you get enough influence on HK, he will explain to you the art of killing jedi and also that it was he that caused Sion's will to weaken. Can sombody please tell me what he said about this more or less?


Also, minor question. Bastilla's built in message to HK, I somehow missed it, or maybe just didn't have good enough repair skill, what did she say exactly?

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About the HK break thing.


On a certain moment you get the abbility to ask how to defeat Sion.

HK only givens the tips to break him and weaken him for your attacks.

He doesn't break him (Sion) himself (HK)



About the HK- Bastila thing;


I just remember what you mean, and above posters "It's T3" is a total different thing...


If you have a bit of influence with HK (go out and kill some innocent people :luck: ) you can ask him about his previous masters.


If male, he will say something in Bastila's voice

If female, he will say something in Carth's voice

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