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[REL][TSL]Holowan Plugin

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I honestly don't know what I'd do if I had to go back to slow dial up.


I get annoyed enough during the very rare occasion that I have a slowdown now, imagine how much of a ball of rage I'd be if I was on dial up.

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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Err...if you look at the list of included mods, you have stoffe -mkb-'s "Handmaiden party member option for female Exiles" mod included in the plug-in...so I guess that explains it :)


Edit: you'll find a description of the mod here: http://www.pcgamemods.com/11958/


And the original discussion thread here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=144956

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my elementary school used apple IIe's and tried to teach a bunch of third graders how to program with a turtle....


I would think that Kreia would do better replaced by bastila....

Victor of the 5 year fan fic competition!


Kevin Butler will awesome your face off.

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Not a bad mod, but I had trouble downloading it out of PCGameMods.com so I got it out of Chainz website. It was a nice 5 minute download. :D


So far the only critique I have of the game is that the lightsaber and robes are given way too early to be plausible. I understand you guys want to get the robes and saber to the PC a lot sooner than the base game but I would have placed them in the chest in the Exile's quarters on the Harbinger.


By the way I really like the launcher music. Anyway that can be available independent of the Mod in MP3 format?

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