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KOTOR II Character and Voice Talent Appreciation

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To me, the selection of using Ed Asner as Vrook made the character even more detestable. 


Kudos to Bioware / Obsidian for picking the right voice for the Jedi Master that everyone loves to hate.

So true. He had that patronizing voice and dialogues. "I'm the Master and you're the goo that I crush when you don't know your role in the Jedi Academy."

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Sorry but i forgot the names of the voice actors but.........


Mandalore was great, he's real macho sounding, like a Charles Bronson type.


Kreia was great, just plain spooky and sinister her voice was. The british accent definitely added some flavor to it.


HK remains the funniest character in KOTOR. Comic relief in spades. His desire to kill meatbags mixed with his sophisticated aristocratic air. Sounds a little bit like the Car from knight rider.


I didn't like Bao dur's voice too much though. He just talked wierd. Like he was whispering and whimpering or something I don't know.


Gee I wonder what Revan's voice sounds like?

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