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Lightsaber forms

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Core lightsaber forms (all Jedi classes eventually get these three forms):


Shii Cho: You'll get this form first. No real weaknesses, and it gives you a bit better defense against enemies that aren't your target. Also, a modest attack bonus. May as well use it, since it's better than nothing.


Makashi: Significant penalty when trying to deflect blaster fire, but you'll do more damage with your lightsaber. You'll also get an attack bonus against those using lightsabers, and also a bonus to your saving throws against Force powers. I can count the number of times I used Makashi with the fingers on one hand, since you really aren't going to be facing that many lightsaber wielding enemies, except for the bosses, and an occasional attacker. Yes, several at the Trayus academy, but by then you have other means to deal with them.


Soresu: No real weaknesses, except for a critical hit penalty of -1. You get improved blaster fire deflection, and improved defense. Good for people using double bladed lightsabers, since such users aren't going to get critical hits that often anyways.



Specialized forms:


Those who are currently Sentinels, Guardians, Watchmen, Assassins, Weapons Masters, and Mauraders get the following:


Ataru: Good against single opponents. You'll get a decent defense bonus, and a bonus to your critical strike range. Bad against multiple opponents, since you get a defense penalty, as well as a penalty when it comes to deflecting blaster bolts. I really don't use this form, since a +1 to the critical strike range isn't that significant if you already mastered the critical strike tree.


Shien: Good against multiple opponents, moderate bonus to your to-hit roll, decent blaster bolt deflection bonus, and your critical hits can do a lot more damage. You get a significant defense penalty against your current target, though. Really nice if you combine it with either Critical Strike or Power Attack.



Those who are currently Sentinels, Watchmen, or Assassins, will get Niman as the final form learned. This gives you a +1 bonus to all categories (to hit, damage, blaster bolt deflection, force power saving throw bonus, etc), no penalties. Nothing special, although again, it's better than nothing.


Those who are currently Guardians, Weapons Masters, or Marauders, will get Juyo as the final form learned. This gives you an extra attack, a better chance of inflicting more damage on a critical hit, while giving you a penalty to force power saving throws, and a small defense penalty.

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