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"HELP !" a mum help her son, Please!

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Could someone tell me if There's anyway I can access deleted "Saved" games on the p.c???

My kid is autistic and is absolutely distraught because he deleted his saved file. (He's had the game a month and had minutes before collected the light sabre).

I'd really appreciate ANY advice with this... Thanks. (w00t)

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Well i'm assuming he deleted it from inside the game, which is a good thing as there SHOULD be a saved game not far from when his last one was if autosave was turned on (which i think it is as default)


Try running the game, going to "load game" and looking for the name "Auto Save".


If you load that, you should start off fairly close to where he left off.


I'm afraid thats the only help i have, My nephew who lives with us is autistic (just turned 7) so i know what you mean about him being distraught :(


Hope this is of some help. You could also try looking in the recycle bin on the desktop to see if the saved game is in there. (sorry if i sound condecending, i'm not sure how experienced at computer you are, so i dont want to be too vauge.)

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Did he actually click on 'delete saved game'? Or did he lose his saved games by starting to create a new character? If it's the second, then the saved games are not really lost - you can access them by clicking on 'switch character' on the load screen. I know it's a longshot, but a lot of people have made that mistake, including me.

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There are various programs that will let you recover deleted data from the hard drive but if you have used the computer a lot since the save was deleted it becomes more unlikely that it wont be able to be recovered.


The easiest way is to do what the others in the thread have mentioned and that is to see if their is an Autosave, close to where he was previously.

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