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which planets should be in kotor3

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Me i personally think that they need to bring korriban and dantooine back into the picture.. maybe tatoonie or mannan too.... also they need Anderon and Maybe some more core worlds... being as that evey planet in both kotors is on or in the outer rim... i'm beinging to think that there is no iner rim there all outer... hahaha

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a different area of korribon would be nice. You couldn't do mannan because of the enviromental difference because of the light side/dark side options. Tyferra might be good. Change from kolto to Bacta please. Chinnigar from the tales of the jedi series. and Corecant would be nices but it's much to big.

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Not here yet... >_<


Didn't you read what crazy.joe said, abkhome?


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I can feel the looming presence of the big green....but definatly Coruscant, maybe alderaan and some of the other SW movie planets, NOT Korriban or Telos, i think they have been overused already, especially Korriban.. <_<

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