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Please join our Diplomacy game!


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In theory, we could do it with an instant messenger, but in practice, a hybrid of both an IM and email might work better if that is what you wanted to do.  It would be far easier at least on my part if move orders were emailed to me rather than IMed, as in any case it takes time for me to adjudicate moves.  Plus, if we were all online simultaneously, players might find it stessful attempting to talk to six people individually at once as well as talking in a general conversation.  That could lead to someone accidentally writing their suggestion to stab another player in the wrong person's conversation, which wouldn't be very nice.

:D That's one of the risks of the game o:)" :shifty::-

Exactly, meta.


:D --> :wub: --> o:) --> :ph34r:




One of the problems with doing it on a forum is that everyone can see your negotiations with each other, unless you use PMs. 


Not necessarily


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Nope! Welcome to the game!


Well, that's it! We have all our players.


Email me your preference lists (a list of the countries in the order you'd like to play them) and we'll begin to get started. The way I will assign the countries is to randomly select a player, assign him his first choice, then select another player, assign him his first choice, and so on. If a player's first choice is already taken, they get their second choice, or their third choice if it too is taken, etc. etc.

You can assign multiple countries the same level of preference if you wish, and if more than one is not taken, I'll just assign randomly from those. You might want to do this if say you wanted France if possible, and didn't care who you got if you couldn't get them. Note that submitting a list with all the powers listed equally means you'll get a random one, while no list at all means you'll get the power no one else wanted.


Suggested format would be something like:


1. England

2. France

3. Austria

4. Russia

5. Turkey

6. Germany

7. Italy


Email me at revCAPSeilled at gmail dot com


Just remove the CAPS and make it an address. Damn Spiders.

Hawk! Eggplant! AWAKEN!

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