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Quad-lasers for NPC

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Bao-Dur and his remote have never been any real use for me, because he`such a crappy fighter (unless he becomes a jedi). But when his remote gets the ability to repair non-human npc`s, i started to dream about GOTO&REMOTE--SUPERTEAM! :thumbsup: wouldnt it be great if remote had a really powerful laser cannon!! It should fire like that republic ship on peragus when it tries to blow Ebon Hawk to bits... And the same gun for GOTO or even bigger!


Because i like to have npc`s who simply provide "covering fire" when i do the dirty work, this would awesome. Having Atton and Mandalore shooting with repeating rifles just doesnt feel enough... :mellow:


Oh crap, double-posted...well the page didnt load :wub:

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Forget Turbo-Lasers, we want Death Star SUPER Lasers!


Yeah just blow-up all the planet's you can't be bothered to do :(




BOOM! :thumbsup:

"I tried the most potent Noise Amplification spell once upon a time. Mavellous spell. I could hear the birds speaking to one another in trees over the horizon, I could hear the rustlings as the clouds rubbed against each other in the sky. I could hear the sound a rainbow makes as it arches it's back over the world. Then a dog barked behind me and I burst my left eardrum."

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The ARCs in Clone Wars had quad and turbo lasers, so why not? And goto is like a mini death star so a mini super laser would also be cool BUT it would have to have a vapourising the enemy with shockwave animation and everytime you used it goto would say


Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational mini battle station

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