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... well, maybe it wasnt so gross for Carth to be in his underwear... :-"

... or to be tortured by a sadist, Launchie? Taking our roleplay a bit far, aren't we? :-"



I have no idea what you're talking about Mr. Metadigital... :-"


DL  :lol:


This is getting a little scary... :devil::devil::devil:

hey,these forums are a lot better than lucasarts bf2 forums now that is scary.

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Hey hey!


Its not my fault people take what I say completely out of context!






P.S. I apologise to the Moderator Gods for this spam like post, and I promise I'll delete it soon!


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Revan has absolutely no taste in underwear, and neither does the Exile (brown, uhh :huh: ).


In the entire game Saul Karath is the only one to torture anyone in their underwear, therefore I have reached the conclusion that he just wanted to perv at Bastila, as I find it unlikely ,although plausible, that he would want to perv at Carth. Furthermore, since Revan can be either gender it is unlikely that Saul was specifically interested in Revan, unless he is bisexual.


I can think of no other reasons for the characters remaining in their underwear after they had initially been searched other than that Saul:


1.) wanted to perv at one or more of the characters

2.) has an artful interest in the body, and wants to take up life drawing

3.) wanted to humiliate them or disempower them

4.) is very greedy and wanted to keep practically all of their stuff, including their clothes, even if they don't fit properly

5.) is into fashion and wanted to see what brand and style of underwear the Jedi and Republic tend to wear



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