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Ok, this is completely random, but it's driving me crazy. I can't remember if it's in KotOR 1 or 2, or I would have found it myself, but i think Bao-Dur said it in 2 (like I said though, not sure). So my question is this: someone in the game is listing off worlds destroyed by the Mandalorian Wars and mentions the "burning plains of such-and-such on the planet of so-and-so, fires that burn still". I think the name of the planes started with an x, but I doubt my memory is very reliable. So if anyone can remember either name (plains or planet), I'd really appriciate it. Thanks in advance, it's driving me nuts!

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Atton mentions it as you Jedify him.  Part of the "You were there" speech.  The name of the specific planet is eluding me as well!  maybe someone has a save near there?


"At Duro, when basilisk war droids rained like meteors onto the orbiting cities, and when the Mandalorians set fire to the Xoxin plains on Eres III - the fires that still burn."

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