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Bring back choose your own adventure books

Darth Tater

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What a great idea they were. I never liked reading, but these were the only books I would actually sit down and read. The idea was fairly basic. You would start reading and at the end of a passage you would be given a choice of what you would like to do next in the story. You would then turn to a specific page depending upon what you had chosen. There were endless possibilities (OK, yes there were only a certain number of possibilities, but as a kid, you though that no matter how many times you read the book, each adventure would be different).

As far as I know, such books don?t exist any more. Perhaps it?s because kids these days (oh god! Did I just say that!!!???) are more interested in computer games than reading books. Shame really.

Bring back the Choose Your Own Adventure Books!

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They still exist.


In many ways they are more the precursor of CRPGs than PnP is.

Indeed. And a bit more carefully worked out and bug-free (if you agree, turn to 311.5 Oops, FF has encountered an error and must close). I think I collected up to 26 or so in the series - great fun!


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We had em in Sweden too, but they had character sheets and dice rolls and everything. I only played one though and I cheated :D

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The comic 2000AD runs them occasionally as well. But basically the computer game was bound to supercede them for most kids. It's just easier, and being the shoeless monkeys that we are we also take the easy option. Now I'm off to eat a ready meal and have a can of coke.

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I read a transformers one once, Its amazing how many possible deaths you can have in those books.

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I really liked to read when I was younger and those books were a pleasant diversion. My favorites were, You are a Monster and You are a Ninja!


I miss my childhood :lol:


Those were my favourites. I remember the one ending in the Ninja book is you get captured and basically hypnotized by the ninja clan and trained to become assassins before they sent you home to await thier command to eliminate the leaders of your country paving the way for Ninja World Domination. :cool:


The monster one I believe also had a scene where you discovered that when you were in trouble time would stop and you could go rob a bank. The guards would pull guns on you and time would freeze allowing you to loot at will. :-"

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