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anyone ever play...

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I tried soloing before, but it was a bad mistake as the time i tried it was when you are trying to get into that base where the droid factory should be.


Cant make it into there wihtout 'canon fodder' :)

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It's only hard until you get your lightsaber. From then on, you can relatively easily solo everything, especially as sentinel/watchman. Your defense rockets up like nothing, I barely got hit after level 12 and normal enemies usually didn't hit me once after 20 unless they were in groups of 8+. Only bosses took their time sometimes as beating away Kreias 1000 hp twice took several swings. :)

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Soloing no problem with a decent character (only real difficulty can be one or two fights on Telos if bad weapons). However, it can be a bit boring.


That said, if totally soloing (i.e. no using other NPCs at workbenches or lab stations to create items) try an INT 18 sentinel and take demolition/repair as class skill feats.


Want a bigger challenge? I've tried a game, no force powers used in combat (heal outside of combat okay to save time waiting to heal, force persuade in dialogue etc. okay) and not only solo when possible, but no NPCs leveled up (Kreia stays level 3, Atton likewise). All on "difficult" level. All fine through Nar Shadaa; Mira's ballistic jacket gives damage resistance enough to beat Hanharr without using up too many medpacs and means she can beat Hanharr and animals without leveling up on that solo bit on Nar Shadaa -- then have to run and escape without fighting the other guards. Earlier, Atton can hide behind the bar and shoot at the Twilek dancers without them fighting back except for T3 solo bit on Nar Shadaa. If I were patient and had gone to an earlier save to buy ion grenades or better level 1 armor the T3 fight against the HK droids might be doable. But I abandoned the game at that point, no idea whether rescuing the PC on GOTO's yacht with non-leveled up characters possible (reasonably possible, I mean without wearing out the quicksave and quickreload keys... :devil:" ).


All that said, the biggest reason I dropped that particular character was boredom. Part of the fun of the game is developing a character with force powers and adding NPCs and interesting equipment.

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I'm doing a LSF solo sentinel/watchman right now:

- No reloads, except when the game crashes;

- No party members: when you are forced to take one, like on Telos or Onderon, he stays behind, hidden in a corner;

- No party members using the work benches;

- Game difficulty level is normal.


I started as a 10/14/14/14/14/12 sentinel, concentrating on defense: defensive powers, dueling and updating my CON to get the better implants. At the same time I worked on dual wielding to carry two blasters. Every enemy that drops dead before he reaches you is a bonus. Blaster using enemies are no real danger: when using Force Redirection and a shield, you hardly take any damage from them. Used stealth and mines a lot: to scout ahead and prepare for dificult fights. Sometimes I had to run away to heal, like on Telos (mercs and droids).


Recently I carried two Heavy Mandalorion Blasters, using Master Speed and Master Rapid Shot to take out two to three assassins in the Korriban acadamy, finishing the rest with light sabers. I'm dual wieling light sabers: a short green defender (stat booster, defense, blaster bolt deflection) and a violet saber for attack (high attack, pet crystal, lot of damage).


Progress so far: Telos, Dantooine, Dxun, Onderon, Korriban. I'm heading to Onderon again to support the queen.


This is my most enjoyable game so far: it keeps you on your toes. When having a party, there is no challence after Telos. But when soloing, I can't allow myself to die: end of game and no reload.

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I also tried soloing on KOTOR1, ive gotta say that was pretty hard up until you get your lightsabre on there, especially Taris, with the gangs an that.

So i imagine its the same on KOTOR2 and i can remember last time i played I had to use Atton a lot because of his 'resurrection' feat, gotta be pretty hard :(

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