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Graphics like these in Kotor3

Would you like to see graphics like these in Kotor3?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see graphics like these in Kotor3?

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    • No.

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Gears of War Sceenshot

Elder Scrolls Sceenshot 1

Elder Scrolls Screenshot 2

Elder Scrolls Screenshot 3


I think it would be pretty cool to see Kotor3 in graphics simailar to these other titles.

Man,those graphics are BEAUTIFUL,im with you PhantomJedi. :thumbsup:


I'm shocked! Someone actually agrees with me.

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I suppose better graphics are desireable, but it the new engine must retain the ambience of KOTOR.


I wish I could describe the general atmosphere of Kotor with words, but I find my descriptive capability lacking. Just like No One Lives Forever feels different from Quake 3, or Half Life 2 feels different from Doom3 or how Vampire the Masquerade feels different from Kotor, I think the core elements of the Kotor engine should be retained, but with improvements to maintain the Kotoresque feel.

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I wouldn't mind seeing combat changed up a bit. I think Obsidian tried to offer more strategy options with more feats, more item customization, force forms, lightsaber forms, etc.


However in the end, I never really needed to do anything other than Force Wave->Master Flurry.

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I'd like more fluid animation, with no pauses, one action flowing into another, and every action making sense. If they could make it feel like watching a fight and not just scrolling through animations it'd be great.

Yaw devs, Yaw!!! (

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They should definetely tone down some of the uber force powers. Wave, Storm, Insanity, Stasis, Kill and Life Drain and Heal are way too powerful.


I think the force push class of powers should increase in potency by having the effect increase in a widening arc in front of your character rather than all around. Also, wider arcs of force push should have you use both hands with the lightsaber turned off. Just to create a potential weakness in the power.


Same with Force lightning. Also as a weakness, Lightsaber users should have a chance of deflecting that energy back at you like Mace Windu, according to their lightsaber mastery and your level of potency.


Insanity should make the enemy go berserk, attacking random targets which include their allies, your party and any civilians in the area. Lightsiders would sustain a loss to their LS points if innocent bystanders were killed because you caused enemies to go insane.


Stasis should have a limit on how many enemies you can immobilize instead of all enemies that fail their saving throws in the area of effect. Since a jedi must maintain his/her concentration to suppress the movements of the enemy, the duration of the stasis should be drastically reduced if the Jedi engages another enemy in lightsaber combat or blaster deflection.


Kill, should also be limited so that the jedi can only maintain the power if they are solely concentrating on the enemy being choked. If allies successfully defend the Jedi or more likely in this case, Sith from attack, he/she can outright kill the enemy, instead of just reducing the Health bar to 50%. If concentration is broken, the enemy still sustains damage over time from a crushed windpipe and is less effective in battle until healed.


Life Drain and Heal should have some delay or limit to the frequency to which it can be used. Or make the healing process gradual instead of instantaneous.


I was gonna jot down some thoughts I have on comabt mechanics, but too sleepy~


G'night folks! :p

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Variety might add to the challenge, or atleast keep us awake.


For heavily armored opponents, critical strike is supposed to be better, while flurry is supposed to be better for low armored opponents.


I had no challenge just using flurry the whole way.

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