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I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but exactly what is the function of influence in this game? Your companions colour will change on their paper doll, but does it actually affect any of the story?

I had Visas at maximum light side and she still wanted to blow up a canteena.



WTF ?!?


When I bought the game I was looking forward to watching my character interacting with the others and watching them slowly change personalities during cut scenes as the game progressed. Instead it doesn't seem to do jack.


If possible could someone list any situations where the influence actually affects something? And if it doesn't why did Obsidian waste their time adding this feature?



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It doesn't have on the gameplay but on the storyline...unfortunatly, that was cut where your influence mattered in the end. But you can still get some cut scenes when you enter the Ebon Hawk.

Influence affects how your NPC team members react to you, not anything else. (It may not make sense for a LS Visas to cackle about destroying the cantina or a DS Bao-Dur to grumble when you kill a few innocents, but understand: that would have doubled the voice acting/programming load for the end game. And judging from the state of the released ending, time was already pretty tight.)


As for it being "useful", I can't imagine how you'd put together the main plotlines of the game without having high influence with Bao and Kreia, and there's no other way to get the other npcs' backstory.

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So in other words it serves no purpose in the game.




I wouldnt say that.


Influence (or lack of) is what opens up the storylines of each npc party member.


Frankly, I loved Obsidians influence system, even more so now I have finished playing Jade Empire.


Bioware seems to only do influence for romance angles, Obsidian made it important for each party member meaning you had to interact with each party member beyond just remembering to speak to them often.


I think Influence system in K2 is what gave the game such great replay value.


I played KotOR1 5-6 times (cant remember exactly now)

I played K2 8-9 times, and JE 5 times (5th time I started half way through from a previously saved game).


Influence matters alot IMO. Hardly useless. Yes they could have fixed some things to better react to situation you in or their shift in personality, but still a far better system then found in other games.

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I hated the influence system. It meant you could not get the full story out of your characters the first time you played. It's OK saying that it adds to the replay value, but what use is that if it destroys the atmosphere by having parts missing.


I much preferred the system that Bioware used for KOTOR and Jade Empire. I don't want to play through a game again just because of a system that makes me miss things. It makes the game feel incomplete. Having a great experience the first time you play through far outweighs replay value IMHO.

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The thing about influence is that you have to put more thought into how your actions will affect the game.


After all,being bollocked by Bastila(oooh!!)would have more effect if you lost influence with her.

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Like I said before... in theory the influence system is a good idea... a really good idea... its just that it wasnt very well executed in the game


In the end, I preferred the sidequest option we had in KOTOR1 as a result




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Okay my bad for not being clear. mainly what I was asking is does changing a characters alignment have one iota of effect on the story other then Visas at the end.


I know that it does open up storylines but I would still have enjoyed some dialogue reflecting their change in personality.

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