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Whats You're Weirdest Food Combo

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Last year, in an attempt to finish all the food in my fridge at uni before I went home for the summer, I had two-day old pizza topped with day-old mixed vegetable chow mein...


Yum :D




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kim chee and spaghetti-o's. er....kim chee and a lot of things, really. I've put it on tuna before. And in Top Ramen.  Tho usually I just eat it w/rice.


And before you ask...it's an asian cabbage pickled in vinegar/red pepper/garlic etc. The one they made fun of in MASH a lot because of it's pungent odor...heh


I'm sure there's been weirder things I've slapped together but I'm too tired to think of 'em.

I love Kim Chee. I used to bug the Korean take-away in North Sydney for so much of it that they had trouble making enough. Traditionally it is matured by fermenting it underground in a bucket ...


I've had chilli and feta sandwichs (nice texture). I've had chilli soda (like lemonade with chillis in it), chilli-fermented vodka, tom yum goong that was so hot I made my stomache bleed and generally anything with chillis.


At school we used to get that vanilla ice cream, wrapped in squares of paper (making an rectangular prism about an inch high by the size of a piece of bread) which we used to have on toast with honey: tasted just like waffles (well, nearly).


I've eated chocloate covered ants, escargo and I am a big oyster fan -- though I don't eat them in the UK because I am not convinced of the water quality here, also the local ones are a bit thin and watery, anyway. (Because oysters filterfeed, they basically act like a sponge for all impurities in the water table that flow past them.) Not like the Pacific Blough oysters, they're so big you need a knife and fork to eat them! I really like (sheep) brains (salted and peeled of the hard membrane), especially on toast. :thumbsup:


I would consider eating almost anything. I say almost because I used to say anything; however, I don't think I could stomache monkey brains. (The father of a friend of mine was in Asia where he was offered this delicacy, in the tradition setting: i.e. warm, with the still-alive monkey strapped to a contraption with their head held still and their skull opened for the guests to dip their spoons into, a bit like Hannibal in the eponymous movie.) :lol:




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I also like Popcorn :D dipped in Cherry Koolaid (w00t)

Statemeant: you cannot stop me you cannot harm me, in order to do that I would need to stop being one of you; I have concluded that this is something I am willing to accept!


In short you have just shown me your soft meatbag-like underbellies and said

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Too much cholesterol, even in a vegetarian. The killing would be purely for entertainment.



...it brings back gaming memories. :D
Was '96 really THAT long ago? I remember it like it was yesterday. :D
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